Taxonomy Group Review 5_30_2017

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Taxonomy Group Review 5_30_2017 by Mind Map: Taxonomy Group Review 5_30_2017

1. Product (What's being put into the market for sale)

1.1. Product Title

1.2. Status

1.2.1. In Production

1.2.2. Released/Live

1.2.3. Archived/Retired

1.3. Product Code/SKU

1.4. Release Date

1.5. Language

1.6. Notes

1.7. CHANGE: Area of Study TO Course, Discipline, Program, Subject

1.7.1. Cosmetology

1.7.2. Esthetics

1.7.3. Nails

1.7.4. Barbering

1.8. CHANGE: Market TO Use or Purpose - Workfront label "Portfolio"

1.8.1. CHANGE: Distributor TO PPD or International

1.8.2. DMAC

1.8.3. Education Sales

1.8.4. Event

1.8.5. Executive

1.8.6. Field Education

1.8.7. LAB Sales

1.8.8. ADD: LAB - Digital Learning Content

1.8.9. Social Media

1.8.10. Educational Partner

1.8.11. Manufacturing Partner

1.8.12. ADD: WEB Store

2. Marketing (Market or sales enabling)

2.1. Collateral Title

2.2. Status

2.2.1. In Production

2.2.2. Released/Live

2.2.3. Archived/Retired

2.3. Collateral ID

2.4. Release Date

2.5. Language

2.6. Notes

2.7. CHANGE: Area of Study TO Course, Discipline, Program, Subject

2.7.1. Cosmetology

2.7.2. Esthetics

2.7.3. Nails

2.7.4. Barbering

2.8. CHANGE: Market TO Use or Purpose - WF = "Portfolio"

2.8.1. CHANGE: Distributor TO PPD or International

2.8.2. DMAC

2.8.3. Education Sales

2.8.4. Event

2.8.5. Executive

2.8.6. Field Education

2.8.7. REMOVE: LAB Sales

2.8.8. Social Media

2.8.9. Educational Partner

2.8.10. Manufacturing Partner

2.8.11. ADD: LAB - Digital Learning Content

2.8.12. ADD: WEB Store

3. Asset Category / Type

3.1. Content Element

3.1.1. Document Scripts and Logs Media Script Could this Be a different name Video Log Manuscript Delete: Manuscript

3.1.2. Imagery Photography Fashion Product Lifestyle CHANGE: Step by Step TO Technicals ADD: Concept Imagery Graphics Enviormental Graphic DELETE: Image Overlay Sketched Artwork CHANGE: Technical Image TO Technical Illustration Fashion/Lifestyle ADD: 3D Animation ADD: Concept Illustration

3.1.3. Audio/Video Video Animation CHANGE: Original Video Clip TO Source Stock Footage Audio Music ADD: SFX Voice Over ADD: Subtitles

3.2. Distributable Asset NEW NAME ?? FOR THIS Compiled Asset

3.2.1. Marketing Collateral Marketing Layout Advertisement Project Summary Promotional Content Pricing Sell Sheet Borchures / Catalogs Social Object Singage Packaging Marketing Presentation Sales Presentation Marketing Video Event Video Promotional Video Marketing Digital App Banner Merchandise Assets need asset category that identifies assets fro finished hard products

3.2.2. Educational Product Changed TO: Educational Components MOVED: Look Book Content Map Coursebook (eBook) Coursebook (print) Coursebook (Web Book) CHANGE: Curriculum Flow Chart TO Curriculum (file name will designate object) Design Decision Chart Exam Prep Book Learning Connection Lesson Challenge Lesson Plan Question Bank Rubric Smart Notes Notetaker Smart Notes Answer Key Study Slides (Student) Teacher Study Guide Teacher Support Material Educational Presentation Educator Slide presentation Educational Video Theory Video Workshop Video ADD: Fashion Video Audio Glossary ADD: Kaltura Log Educational App ADD: Captivate Module AR experience

3.2.3. Internal Corporate Internal Layout Annual report ADD:Policy Guide Internal Presentation Internal Video Internal Digital

3.2.4. Research Research Application Prototype Research Report Research Presentation Educational Research Presentation Marketing Research Presentation ADD: Testing Surveys Templates

4. Subject


4.1.1. Hair Form Solid Uniformly Latered Graduated Increased Layered ADD: Combination

4.1.2. Hair Color

4.1.3. Hair Texture

4.1.4. Hair Length Long Short

4.1.5. Hair Proceedure Change:Cut to Sculpture Color Perm Relax Blow Dry Set ADD: Hair Deisgn ADD: Long Haor Deisgn ADD: Mens ADD:Ladies

4.1.6. Facial Hair Yes No

4.1.7. ADD: Body Hair

4.2. CHANGE TO: Skin

4.2.1. Skin Type Oily Dry Natural

4.2.2. Skin Proceedure Facial Waxing Make-up

4.2.3. Skin Color

4.2.4. ADD:Skin Disorders

4.3. Nails

4.3.1. Procedures Mannicure ADD:Male ADD:Female Pedicure ADD:Male ADD:Female Speciality

4.3.2. Nail Material Gel Acrylic Wrap Natural

4.4. Merchandise

4.4.1. Shears

4.4.2. Combs

4.4.3. Electronics

4.4.4. Brush

4.4.5. Snap Cap

4.4.6. Tripod

4.4.7. Carry Case

4.4.8. Kit

4.4.9. Rollers

4.4.10. Irons

4.4.11. ADD: Wefts

4.4.12. ADD: Mannequins

4.4.13. ADD: Swatches

4.5. Person

4.5.1. Generic Adult Male Adult Female Child Male Child Female Group Women Group Men Group Children Group Mixed Senior Male Senior Female

4.5.2. Model Yes Name No Mannequin