Pollution In china

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Pollution In china by Mind Map: Pollution In china

1. Littering

1.1. Acid Rain

1.1.1. Acid rain is caused by a chemical reaction that begins when compounds like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are released into the air.

1.2. Kills Marine life

1.2.1. About 48,000 square kilometres of China’s seas is seriously affected.

1.3. Alot of money spent Cleaning

1.3.1. $11.5 billion each year.

1.4. Affects the public community

1.5. Decreases water quality

1.5.1. Aminals and marine life start to live in humid conditions

1.6. Rubbish everywhere

1.7. Affects Animals

1.7.1. Toxic chemicals present in the air can force wildlife species to move to new place and change their habitat.

1.8. Percent of all littered items that are cigarette butts 50%. Percent of people who have admitted to littering in the past 5 years 75%. Total amound of litter that is dumped into the ocean every year 9 billion tons.

1.9. Contaminates soil

1.9.1. Plants die

1.9.2. Soil becomes infirtile

2. Agricultural activities

2.1. Land conversion & habitat loss

2.2. Wasteful water consumption

2.3. Soil erosion and degradation

2.4. Pollution

2.5. Climate change

2.6. Genetic erosion

3. Exhaust from factories and industries

3.1. Produces carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide in the air

3.1.1. Results in green house emmitions

3.2. Water pollution

3.2.1. Pollution on land affects waterways in china

3.3. Air pollution

3.3.1. Affects 460 million people. People breathe in polluted air and get sick - this is linked to cancer.

4. Mining operations

4.1. Erosion

4.2. formation of sinkholes

4.2.1. They seemingly swallow everything in the sinkhole radius, could include crops or trees/ animal habitat.

4.3. loss of biodiversity

4.4. contamination of soil

4.5. Depletion of Ozone layer

5. Oil Spills

5.1. Kills marine mammals

5.1.1. Contaminating their food supply.

5.2. The impact on the ecosystem in an area can be severe. Many plants and animals suffer or are killed within a short time

6. Electricity Overuse

6.1. Electricity overuse drains natural resources

6.2. Power companies use a variety of processes to create electricity, and not all processes affect the environment in the same way.

6.2.1. electricity generation include natural gas, hydroelectric power plants, nuclear energy and oil. These all are a harm to the environment

7. Burning coal for factories

7.1. A typical coal plant in china generates 3.5 million tons of CO2 per year2

7.2. Affects Human/ Animal Health

7.2.1. Small acidic particulates that can penetrate into human lungs and be absorbed by the bloodstream.

8. Over Population

8.1. Over population means more people which means that there are more problems.

8.1.1. More people littering