Religion And Prejudice

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Religion And Prejudice by Mind Map: Religion And Prejudice

1. Forms Of Prejudice

1.1. Discrimination-Acting on what your prejudice; using actions.

1.2. Stereotyping-Having an oversimplified image of a group of people.

1.3. Sexism-Mistreatment due to someone based on gender.

1.4. Positive Discrimination-Treating someone better than others.

1.5. Racism-Mistreatment due to race e.g. Marthin luther king and the civil rights movement.

1.6. Ageism-Mistreatment due to someone's age.

1.6.1. Ableism-mistreatment due to someone's disability.

1.7. Homophobia-Mistreating some due to there sexuality, particularly mistreating homosexuals.

1.8. Scapegoating-A group made to bear blame for others.

1.9. Religious Prejudice-Prejudice someone due to there religion.

2. Reasons For Prejudice

2.1. One doesn't know a particular group of people well.

2.2. Lack of education.

2.3. Fear and uncertainty.

2.4. Due to ones bad individuals experience.

2.5. Influenced by primary socialisation and shared values.

3. Religious Beliefs Towards Discrimination

3.1. Islam

3.1.1. Muhammed saw non-Muslims as part of the Ummah (Muslim community) in medina.

3.1.2. All humans are made from Adam and Eve.

3.1.3. Greater Jihad-daily struggle to better themselves and society.

3.2. Christianity

3.2.1. 'Love your neighbour as you love your self'.

3.2.2. 'There is no Jew or Gentile, we are all one in Christ'.

3.2.3. 'We are all made in god's image'.

3.3. Buddhism

3.3.1. Everyone has equal potential of reaching enlightenment.

3.3.2. Right speech, right action and loving-kindness.

3.3.3. All members of the Sangha (community) are equal.

3.4. Hinduism

3.4.1. Regard everyone with respect as all are created by god.

3.4.2. God is presented in every living being, loves all creatures equally.

3.4.3. CASTE SYSTEM-Hindus believe that one belongs to a particular caste as a result of karma. This could cause a large amount of prejudice to shudras as many may believe they where born into that caste because of their bad deeds.

3.4.4. Men and women are equal but have different roles.

3.5. Sikhism

3.5.1. All men and women are equal as they are children of god.

3.5.2. God is formless and has no colour therefor it is wrong to discriminate on the grounds of race, gender or religion.

4. Government Efforts For Social Cohesion

4.1. Permission for religious gatherings.

4.2. Better education

4.3. Equality for all children, all faiths are taught.

4.4. Community centres.

4.5. Laws.

5. Laws

5.1. Race relations.

5.2. Sex discrimination.

5.3. Disability discrimination.

5.4. Equality act.

6. Benefits Of A Multi-Cultural Society

6.1. Exposure makes one more tolerant.

6.2. Less chance of war; understand peoples cultures.

6.3. Makes one less ignorant.

6.4. more progress in society.