Ch. 15: International Promotion Strategy

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Ch. 15: International Promotion Strategy by Mind Map: Ch. 15: International Promotion Strategy

1. What is promotion?

1.1. advertising

1.1.1. all paid forms of impersonal communication from an identified sponsor

1.1.2. radio, tv, newspaper, social media

1.2. direct marketing

1.2.1. communicating directly with targeted consumers by methods other than mass media or face-to-face contact

1.2.2. direct mail, telemarketing

1.3. personal selling

1.3.1. direct face-to-face communication by sales reps to potential buyers

1.4. public relations

1.4.1. activities to provide positive communications about the firm and/or its products

1.4.2. news releases

1.5. sales promotion

1.5.1. seller-initiated activities to make advertising & personal selling more effective

1.5.2. contest

1.5.3. demonstrations of product/service

2. International promotion strategy

2.1. Advertising strategy

2.1.1. 7 decision areas: objective what the ad is intended to accomplish budget amt. of money to be spent on an ad message content, wording, & appeal format needs to accommodate differences in 3 areas: media what instrument should be used to convey a message influenced by: legality regulations & limitations timing when & how often an ad is placed 2 dimensions: effectiveness involves determining the value/worth of an advertisement

2.2. Direct marketing stragegy

2.2.1. usually used to build relationships with established customers

2.3. Personal selling strategy

2.3.1. sales force should come from people in the foreign country

2.3.2. expatriate a person living in a different country than where raised or legally residing

2.3.3. advertising more important in the US

2.3.4. personal selling more important internationally

2.4. Public relations strategy

2.4.1. news releases

2.4.2. free press

2.4.3. toll-free numbers

2.4.4. informational sheets

2.5. Sales promotion strategy

2.5.1. US - game cards are effective

2.5.2. trade shows