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Athenians by Mind Map: Athenians

1. Egues- Father of Hermia, sharp, sarcastic, untrusting, determined

2. Demetrius: cruel at times, "sick", and a player. He loved Hermia, but then he loves Helena.

3. Lysander-Married to Hermia, Loyal, understanding, and loving

4. Hermia: Jealous, nice, caring. She loves lysander but demtrius loves her and then everyone loves helena at the end.

5. Thesus- Unpatient, loving, and caring. he is married to Hippolyta. Duke of Athens. He is powerful and order in the play. he appears at the end and start of the play. he goes in the forest.

6. Helena- she is fierce, insecure, and dramatic. she loves Demetrius, and is Hermia's best friend

7. Hippolyta- loving, patient, caring. Married to Thesus queen of the Amazon's