Google Drive

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Google Drive by Mind Map: Google Drive

1. Learning Goals

1.1. Initiative

1.1.1. Students wil share completed work with teacher

1.1.2. Student collaborate with classmates

1.1.3. Students check resources available on the Google Drive reading materials, syllabus, expectations

1.2. Assessments

1.2.1. Formative Group presentation Google Form quiz Class assignments

1.2.2. Summative Presentation Contains all components of Google Drive

2. Learning Needs

2.1. Documenting

2.1.1. Access to syllabus

2.1.2. Access to course content

2.2. Writing

2.2.1. Students write online

2.2.2. Teacher uses Google Doc to correct papers and make edits

2.2.3. Students can peer edit

2.3. Reading

2.3.1. Read resources online

2.3.2. Share articles

2.3.3. Annotate articles

2.4. Research

2.4.1. Read and share article

2.4.2. Group research project

2.5. Collaboration

2.5.1. Students work with classmates on a project

3. Learning Activities

3.1. Google Docs

3.1.1. Students respond to prompting question on google docs

3.1.2. Students can write essays or other written assignments

3.1.3. Students can save papers to upload to other applications (Schoology)

3.2. Google Slides

3.2.1. Students conduct group presentation

3.2.2. Students work on class-wide collaborative project

3.3. Google Forms

3.3.1. Students write sample test questions to quiz friends

3.3.2. Students take formative assessment

3.4. Google Sheets

3.4.1. Calendar for teacher or students planning

3.5. Individual

3.5.1. Students organize their work in a single place

3.5.2. Complete individual work during group

3.5.3. Students can get feedback on assignments

3.5.4. Organize through different folders

3.6. Group

3.6.1. Collaboration Students work together on different devices Students are engaged in their own section while still collaborating

3.7. Class-wide

3.7.1. Students work on class presentation

3.7.2. Constructivism Jigsaw Become experts in their topic

4. Teacher Roles

4.1. Course content

4.1.1. Objectives

4.1.2. Share content with students

4.2. Instructor

4.2.1. Modeling Explains the basic concept Shows the steps toward finding the assignment

4.3. Trainer

4.3.1. Demonstrate Models the software for students before beginning the assignment

4.4. Manager

4.4.1. Assess effectivness Technology is an effective use of class time

4.4.2. Time managment Count-down timer Allocate certain amount of time to group projects

4.4.3. professionalism Students are on task

4.4.4. Collaboration Students are using class time effectively to collaborate with fellow students

4.5. Organizer

4.5.1. Sets expectations

4.5.2. Group project Class-wide collaboration

4.5.3. Resources Teacher offers universal resources for all students to access Back up drive for resources and information With the purpose of implementing Google Classroom

4.6. Assessor

4.6.1. Assessment Formative Group project Google forms quiz Summative Presentations Google Forms test Collaborative project

4.6.2. Effectivness

5. Sustainability

5.1. Environment

5.1.1. Save resources

5.2. Personal

5.2.1. Initiative

5.2.2. Save time passing out papers