Major Events of World War Two

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Major Events of World War Two by Mind Map: Major Events of World War Two

1. The African Theater

1.1. tobruk

1.1.1. Flash point of Africa in constant struggle under british and German control Struggle for control even before war becuase its so resoursful Britain ends up seizing control for the remainder of the war

1.1.2. War escelates due to italys agression in Africa

1.2. Battle of El-alamine

1.2.1. Perhaps the most decicive North african battle

1.2.2. British outnumber Germans 2 to 1

1.2.3. The British offensive defeat Germans overwhelmingly

1.3. Operation torch

1.3.1. Within days after Battle of El-Alamein

1.3.2. British and American troops send 100,000 men to current day moroco over 600 ships used one of the largest invasions in history

1.3.3. enabled the allies to take over 1,000 miles of African coastline

1.4. Battle in Tunisia

1.4.1. Axis powers retreat here after losing on coast ideal for defending

1.4.2. allied powers take months to plan atack allows axis powers to get ready Axis powers outnumber allies when they arive

1.4.3. progression was slim to none by the allies began to take ground consistantly on may 7th 1943 allies break through and win battle in closure of this battle war in Africa was finished

2. The Pacific Theater

2.1. Germany attacks allied boats

2.1.1. September 3rd 1939 Germany attacks British passenger liner

2.1.2. September 5th 1939 Germany attacks Bosnia, Merchant ship

2.1.3. In result on sept 6th Allies set first coordinated naval attack

2.2. Japan attacks pearl harbor December 7 1941

2.2.1. United states declares war Allied powers grow in numbers

2.2.2. Expands war farther east vast new area for u-boat operations in American water

2.2.3. starts a rivalry between usa and japan

2.3. D-day invasion of normandy

2.3.1. more than 160,000 allied troops prepare for one fight

2.3.2. planned to regain France but the result gave a foothole to France

2.3.3. Major turning point in the war death of 9,000 allied soldiers gave way to road defeating Hitler

2.3.4. 5,000 ships and 13,000 aircrafts

3. The European Theater

3.1. The treaty of Versailles ends WWI

3.1.1. Militaristic powers are limited

3.1.2. Puts blame on Germany Formation of National Socialist Party Hitler becomes Chancellor in 1933

3.1.3. Germany must pay repremations

3.2. Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand

3.2.1. Russia mobilizes in Response to protect Causes Germany to mobilize into france France mobilizes Germany invades Belguim to attack france

3.3. On December 11th 1941 Germany declares war on US

3.4. Battle of the Bulge

3.4.1. Last Effort by germany Attempted to split Ally troops in Northwest europe It was a surprise attack

3.4.2. December 1944

3.4.3. Heavy casualties despite allied victory