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WWII by Mind Map: WWII

1. Japan

1.1. Hideki Tojo

1.1.1. He was the Emperor of Japan

1.1.2. He was responsible for the attack on Pearl Harbor

1.1.3. He was sentenced to death in 1948

1.2. Military

1.2.1. They were known to treat the ones the conquered horribly

1.2.2. Conquered most of of South East Asia

2. Germany

2.1. Adolf Hitler

2.1.1. Appointed Chancellor of Germany

2.1.2. Hitler became dictator when he merged chancellery and presidency

2.2. Military

2.2.1. Had a very strong airforce

2.2.2. Weak Navy

2.2.3. Used tanks in mass blitz strategy

2.2.4. 4.3 million casualties

3. Britain

3.1. Military

3.1.1. Had a strong navy, and used it to help fight Germany

3.2. Alliances

3.2.1. The British backed the Polish

3.2.2. When the Germans invaded Poland, Britain declared war but did not do much.

4. France

4.1. Alliances

4.1.1. Once Germany attacked Poland the French declared war in 1939

4.1.2. The French were defeated after the Germans invaded France

4.2. Charles de Gaulle

5. USA

5.1. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

5.2. Pearl Harbor

5.2.1. December 7, 1941 the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor

5.2.2. The US were able to still salvage two aircraft carriers

5.3. Atom Bomb

5.3.1. The US used the first nuclear bomb to take Japan out of the war

5.3.2. After the bombing, the Japanese surrendered

6. Russia

6.1. Joseph Stalin

6.1.1. Ruthless ruler who treated his people poorly

6.2. Pact with Hitler

6.2.1. They signed a non aggression pact with Nazi Germany

6.2.2. When the Germans invaded Poland, Russia supported them