Medication Safety in Ireland

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Medication Safety in Ireland by Mind Map: Medication Safety in Ireland

1. Reference Base

1.1. HIQA

1.1.1. Guide Web link

1.1.2. National Standards for Better Safer Healthcare

1.1.3. 2017 Audit Reports so far

1.2. IMSN

1.2.1. Website

1.2.2. Reporting template Important People Authors National Chair National Lead? Adapted from WHO criteria Link

2. PharmaBOT

2.1. Purpose

2.1.1. A tool designed to QUICKLY collect enough information which would facilitate... A complete medication safety report if necessary Rapid, secure, visual data collection, storage and sharing of medication safety issues to all stakeholders PAINLESSLY For

3. Proposed data collection design

3.1. Based on

3.1.1. Reference Base

3.1.2. Purpose of PharmaBOT as outlined below

3.2. Draft for implementation by Wed 26 April 2017 0900hrs

3.2.1. Download here