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StudieStuen - Codes by Mind Map: StudieStuen - Codes

1. Social contact

1.1. Talking

1.1.1. Small talk

1.1.2. Talking about something at the cafe (e.g. poster on the wall)

1.1.3. Talking about an upcoming event

1.1.4. Having a conversation about something more in-depth (personal)

1.1.5. Talking about an experience/something that happened in a person's life

1.1.6. Discussing

1.2. Smiling to other people at the cafe

1.3. Laughing and joking around

1.4. Using laptop/phone for contact

1.4.1. Showing something that's on the phone

1.4.2. Showing sth on laptop

1.4.3. Let someone listen to a song on laptop (by giving someone else headphones)

1.5. Becoming approachable

1.5.1. Taking off headphones to be open to conversation

1.5.2. Changing position on chair to face other people

1.5.3. Changing position in the cafe in order to engage in conversation of others

1.6. Asking

1.6.1. Ask other people about sth related to study

1.6.2. Asking a person how he is doing

2. Atmosphere

2.1. Music in the background

2.2. No music in the background

2.3. Greeting everyone when walking in

2.4. Saying bye to everyone in general

2.5. Taking care and looking after oneself by throwing own garbage away and putting used cups at the counter

2.6. Boardgames are displayed and are able to be played with

2.7. The bookshelves give a certain 'vibe' and have a certain smell

2.8. Singing along with songs on laptop or on the background

3. External social contact

3.1. Calling on the phone

3.2. Texting on the phone

3.3. FaceTiming

3.4. Responding on sth that's on the phone by smiling or laughing

4. Feeling at home

4.1. 'Hanging' on the chairs or couch, getting in a comfortable position

4.2. Taking some books from the shelve

4.3. Scatter your belongings around the table

4.4. Taking some flyers or postcards that are displayed at the cafe

4.5. Taking off the shoes

4.6. Slouching

5. Studying

5.1. Reading studybooks

5.2. Reading "out loud" from the laptop

5.3. Looking at laptop

5.4. Typing on the laptop

5.5. Wearing headphones in order to concentrate

5.6. Reading from some papers/marking on the papers

5.7. Coffee as part of studying

6. Consuming

6.1. Eating brought along food

6.2. Drinking from a thermos flask (brought along)

6.3. Drinking coffee/tea from the cafe

7. Trust

7.1. Leaving your stuff 'unsupervised' (laptop, phone, etc.)

7.2. Buying a coffee but not getting a receipt; the owners also trust that you always pay for what you get

8. Community feeling ?

8.1. Greeting everyone or only saying goodbye to certain people (when it's more busy)

8.2. Commenting on other's people conversation (comments are most likely to help others)

9. Sharing

9.1. Cake

9.2. Food

9.3. Sharing stuff on the computer

10. Switching/multitasking

10.1. Between conversation and laptop

10.2. Between laptop and book

10.3. Between laptop and phone

10.4. Between phone and talking

10.5. Etc

10.6. Change conversation partners