14th amendment

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14th amendment by Mind Map: 14th amendment

1. The law outlawed the denial of voting rights based on race, including literacy tests

2. Acts

2.1. Americans with Disabilities Act

2.1.1. This law extends equal protection to people with mental and physical disabilities

2.1.2. This act prevents workplace discrimination for the disabled and guarantees that they have the same opportunities to participate in the economy and government programs

2.2. Civil Rights Act

2.2.1. Tried to change by protecting voting rights and allowing the government to prosecute anyone who tried to limit or prevent voting

2.3. Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

2.3.1. The main part is to expanded educational opportunities for students with a Disabilities

2.3.2. makes sure students receive individualized plans to accommodate disabilities

2.3.3. also allows students with disabilities to attend schools that best match their specific needs

2.4. Indian Education Act

2.4.1. provided money and services to Native American schools

2.4.2. acknowledged on a federal level that Native American communities have distinct cultures and educated children required recognition that culture is an important part of their identity

2.5. Voting Acts of 1965

3. Court Cases

3.1. Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka

3.1.1. Court case that ruled "separate but equal" was not equal

3.1.2. Also ruled that the Fourteenth Amendment was violated for the African Americans

3.2. Dred Scott v. Stanford

3.2.1. ruled that because he was the descendent of an enslaved African, he was not a citizen and he had no legal right to sue

3.3. Plessy v. Ferguson

3.3.1. Determined that segregation was legal in public places as long as they were equal to each other

4. black codes

4.1. They limited the rights on African Americans

4.2. Southern states created them because they were mad at the union

4.3. They still treated blacks as if they were enslaved by limiting their rights

5. Amendments

5.1. Fourteenth Amendment

5.1.1. prevents the states and federal gov. from creating legal forms of discrimination and has to treat everyone the same no matter what

5.1.2. Only applies to State and Federal laws

5.1.3. It was passed to grant everyone U.S. Citizenship

5.1.4. It allowed blacks to be free and it made it much harder for the whites

5.2. Thirteenth Amendment

5.2.1. Abolished slavery

5.3. Fifteenth Amendment

5.3.1. Allowed African Americans to vote and allowed you to become a public official

6. Issues of today

6.1. Equal Protection

6.1.1. Every person should be protected by the law no matter what

6.2. Same-sex Marriage

6.2.1. Is about a man marrying a man and if it's legal or not

6.3. Racial Profiling

6.3.1. Discrimination because of how you look or what you think