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TheraPuppies Animation by Mind Map: TheraPuppies Animation

1. Introduction

1.1. Do you or someone you love suffer from an emotional disorder?

1.1.1. How this may be a possible solution or aid in living life with an emotional disorder

1.1.2. Information and statistics about how many people are affected with emotional disorders

1.1.3. Evidence from research on how "thera-puppies" can be beneficial to the lives of people with ED Improve the lives of people with ED and even those without just by being in the company for a dog

2. Purpose of this site/How we can help!

2.1. Give information about certification requirements

2.2. Showcase people and their stories with their emotional therapy animals through our safe community

2.2.1. Explain how we do not exclude stories from people if they do not have an ED, all personal stories are accepted as long as they are appropriate.

2.2.2. We want to create a community where people can go and have a smile reading people's stories and see pictures of the dogs because they're all good dogs! They all deserve to be loved!

2.3. Give resources for those looking of more information on emotional therapy dogs

2.4. Answer questions and also receive feedback on how we can improve our site