Creative Corner Storyboard

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Creative Corner Storyboard by Mind Map: Creative Corner Storyboard

1. #1: Opening

1.1. title of website appears with action

1.2. cheerful intro music (continues throughout animation)

1.3. logo plus additional gifs of pencil, art, etc. and light backgrounds

2. #2: tagline

2.1. state tagline with key words in bold

2.2. as each part appears (three parts), add supporting symbol (like an eye for discover, hands for collaborate, and upload sign for share)

2.3. music continuing throughout

3. #3: discover

3.1. ask a question: have you ever been curious about the local art and artists around you?

3.2. answer: Creative Corner offers an online platform to easily find creators near you (in central Arizona area) [add image of map] and view their work!

3.3. bold font, easy to read

3.4. light colored (pastels) background

4. #4: share

4.1. No one is exlduded, though! Anyone (in bold) from anywhere (in bold) can share their work!

4.2. After above statements are gone, "all forms of art are accepted" appears and different symbols pop up with their title (ex: camera next to photography and paintbrush next to paintings)

4.3. as each art form/symbol is introduced, add images of actual art as well (my sketches, brother's photography)

5. #5: connect

5.1. image of collaboration (example: handshake)

5.2. "reach out and connect with fellow artists"

5.3. "inspire others and support creativity"

5.4. add brief information about the discussion board and forum, commenting on art

6. closing slides

6.1. recap the tagline with supporting graphics for each section (discover, share, connect)

6.2. possibly provide example images of artwork

7. additional notes

7.1. possibly change pastel backgrounds between each section to transition

7.2. choose music that remains constant or changes