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make by Mind Map: make

1. make off

1.1. to leave quickly

1.1.1. Ex; the thief made off before the police arrived

2. make out

2.1. to hear ,sea, understanding something

2.1.1. Ex; i can not make out your writing

2.2. to succed

2.2.1. our groub made out than we expected

3. make up

3.1. invent

3.1.1. Ex; my dad was really good at making up stories

3.2. prepare

3.2.1. Ex; the maidservent will make up your room later

3.3. complete , replace ,to forgive someone

4. make over

4.1. to give someone something such as money

4.1.1. Ex; just before her death he had made over 10000 to her new husband

5. make towards

5.1. to go in the direction of something

5.1.1. Ex; he made towards the door ,but stopped and turn to face me

6. make off with

6.1. to steal something

6.1.1. Ex; the thief broke into the shop and made off with several goods

7. make for

7.1. make possible

7.1.1. Ex; having faster computer would make for a more efficient system

8. make into

8.1. to change something into something else

8.1.1. Ex; they made the spareroom into an office