Kids should be on reality T.V

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Kids should be on reality T.V by Mind Map: Kids should be on reality T.V

1. Good things could come out of being on tv

1.1. "She released an album, acted in the Nickelodeon Fred: the show and, voices a character in the movie Rio 2. And she showed resilience “ i’m not doing great but i’ll be fine” she told reporters after the break down “I’m Rachel still”( O'Neil 28-29)

2. Not all kids are being Exploited on reality tv

2.1. “But there are some great reality shows for kids, such as Junior Masterchef, Escape From Scorpion Island and Camp Orange, where the emphasis is not on competition and humiliation, but on making friends and having once in a lifetime experiences.” ( Toovey)

3. Counter Argument

3.1. Kids are being treated badly over these reality t.v shows their crying and screaming but if all kids do this then why do they stay? So why do these kids stay if they're being mistreated. It might be because it's not real.Not everything you see on t.v is a real they could be acting. Yes some of them are way to young to be on the big screen like dance moms or the voice. On dance mom the coach is yelling at them because she is trying to make them better all coaches have different techniques. I’m sure at one point or another your sport, dance or music coach has yelled at one point. Same goes for the kids on the voice they are getting coached by experts and if the dance coach is bad towards children then why does she have so many trophies. She is giving constructive Criticism.

4. Teaches you lessons that you don’t always win and they teach you other lessons

4.1. The show Kate plus eight is about her 8 children and her living their lives. But when the kid throws a fit or gets mad it helps the parents deal with how to handle your children when that happens.

4.1.1. When you go on the voice or the x factor and you don't win That's OK because you don’t always get what you want in life and by not freaking out and staying calm you set a good example for other children.