´´I think my hometown should host the Olympics´´

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´´I think my hometown should host the Olympics´´ by Mind Map: ´´I think my hometown should host the Olympics´´

1. The olympics will attract more tourist in the future.

1.1. The Olympics will attract a lot of tourism which would benefit to many businesses such as fast food restaurants, restaurants ,hotels, motels, and tourism attractions. It could even boost population,tourism attraction, and maybe even raise a good amount money to make San Antonio´s economy more rich. Scope said,"The Olympics are legendary, bring people together from nearly every country in the world for one purpose: to showcase the amazing abilities of the human body and power of the human spirt through a peaceful competition,"(Michelle 12).

2. Money plays a big part in the Olympics.

2.1. Tickets range form "$20-$1,400 last year 4" million tickets were sold which could lead to small profit with revisions to the Alamo Dome or a new arena. Also businesses, hotels, restaurants, the Alamo, tower of the Americas, and the river walk will be packed with money spending tourist.

3. The better the businesses richer the economy.

3.1. The New York Times said,"“The idea that big sporting events are good for growth in a city is relatively new for economic growth.”.(Appelbaum).

4. My huge squash!

4.1. Peoples say the modern Olympics is all about athletes and viewers coming around the world to make memories and to make their country proud for what they have done and if your saying our hometown of San Antonio is not good enough for all this. well their shouldn't be a good reason for any city should host the Olympics because San Antonio is the best city in my opinion. And it´s the ultomit trophy for any city in whole world to host the Olympics. People say keep San Antonio lame well lets make it awesome with the Olympics.