European Revolutions of 1848

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European Revolutions of 1848 by Mind Map: European Revolutions of 1848

1. Springtime of the Peoples

1.1. Mixed political attitudes, economic turmoil, food shortage, outbreak of plight

1.2. Election to Papacy sparked hope for political and economic reform

1.3. Monarchy under Louis Phillipe - Liberal

2. Unrest in Vienna

2.1. Reform petitions in lower Austrian diet

2.2. University students advocating for liberal reforms

2.3. Viennese citizens isolated by military force

2.4. Tension between landlords and people who cultivated land

2.5. Austrian authorities establish imperial patent

3. Hapsburg Administration

3.1. People demanded liberal and national concessions

3.2. Army and national guard of polish people

3.3. People wanted freedom of the press and a national assembly

4. Conservatives

4.1. In favor of reform

4.2. Discontented by problems with the imperial family, wealthy families

4.3. Blamed radical excesses for worsening state of Europe

5. Reaction to events of 1848

5.1. Hungarian Diet passed laws for administration to be free from under Austria

5.2. Pan-Slav Congress met at Prague

5.3. Croatia sought independence from Hungary

5.4. Transylvanian Diet voted for a union between Transylvania and Hungary

6. Revolutions

6.1. French Revolution of 1848

6.2. Italian Revolution of 1848

6.3. Revolution of 1848 in German Lands and central Europe

6.4. Reestablishment of dynastic authority

7. Before the Revolutions

7.1. States organized in Constitutionalism, liberalism, nationalism

7.2. Industrialization brought unemployment

7.3. Low income for urban and rural workers

7.4. "Constitutional-liberal" political disorder

7.5. Period of Napoleonic turmoil