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Social Media Marketing by Mind Map: Social Media Marketing

1. Facebook is a large online social media platform used by millions of people. It is one of the largest social media platforms currently available and is a fantastic advertising medium.

2. Social Media Marketing is the process of marketing through social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

3. LinkedIn is a business orientated Social network, used for career and employment opportunities. It is very similar to Facebook in terms of it's ability to act as a medium for marketing. Linkedin is very popular for arranging meetings between a potential employer and employee.

4. MySpace is a popular online social media platform. It was the most visited website from 2005-2009 and in June 2006, surpassed even Google as the most visited website in the U.S.

5. Twitter is another large social networking site. It is very similar to Facebook and refers to its users posts as 'tweets'. People can upload their 'tweets' and share them with friends, relatives or anyone they wish.

6. Rich Media

6.1. Rich Media refers to any method of advertising that utilises any advanced features for advertising such as video, audio and other elements that encourage viewers to interact with the advert.

6.2. YouTube is one of the most popular rich media sites. YouTube advertisements can come in the form of video, audio or even polls which the user can vote on. This makes for an intuitive method of advertising that allows the viewer to better interact with the advertisement.

6.3. Video Newscasts allow the user to better interact with any advertisements through the use of video and audio. Video newscasts are a popular method of advertisement and have been in use for a few years.

6.4. Ticker Tapes are devices that show stock numbers and symbols in order to convey information about trades. Although a digital platform now, the ticker tape gets its name from the mechanical ticks of the machine that originally produced the long narrow strips of paper.

7. Email Marketing

7.1. Automated email marketing is a method of marketing that allows you to freely advertise your products with minimal effort. This is done through the use of mass emailing. This can be often seen as spam however, and ignored by the reciever.

7.2. Permission based email marketing is a much more reliable method of email marketing. Although very similar to automated email marketing, the sender requires the receivers permission to send emails. This eliminates the idea that your email might be spam.

8. Search Engine Optimisation

8.1. Search Engine Optimisation refers to the ability to maximise or optimise your potential for advertising through search engines. If you obtain a high ranking in search results, you are more likely to expand the number of views your website will receive.

8.2. There are many various aspects of search engines that allow the advertiser to maximise their potential appearance in search results. It is important to note what tags, keywords, descriptions and titles are most popularly associated with the product or site that you are trying to advertise.

8.3. Website Diagnostic Tools can help increase a sites popularity with its audience. Through the use of website Diagnostic Tools, one can keep their sites virus free, uncluttered and help it to continually perform fast. This is all important to a user of a website, especially since visitors do not wish to wait an exceedingly long time to enter a website.

9. Online Advertising

9.1. Google adsense is a system of advertisement that pays website owners for having an advertisement on their website based on the number of clicks that advertisement receives. It is a popular method for boosting views and ensures that you get value for your money.

9.2. Google Adwords is a program that allows you to create advertisements based on relevant google search results. It will also display adverts on a range of different networks that my be partnered with google.

9.3. Banner ads are a simple yet effective method of advertising. Banners are small advertisements that appear either down the side of, or on top of a webpage. They use a simple combination of imagery and text to advertise their products and are not very obtrusive.

9.4. Targeted advertising is employed on various social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Targeted advertising means that the website will select and advert to display based on your interests and the pages you have visited. This is a great way to target an audience as your advert is displayed exclusively to those who have shown some interest in relevant products before.

9.5. Advertising can be made more efficient through the use of rating systems. Quick surveys about your product, or even something as simple as a one word review or a star-rating can help to massively boost the reputation and credibility of your product. This is a very important aspect of advertising as no one is willing to buy a product with a disputable reputation.