Revolutions of 1848

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Revolutions of 1848 by Mind Map: Revolutions of 1848

1. Italy

1.1. The first outbreak in Sicily, January

1.2. Several revolts previously against bourbon rule

1.3. Produced an independent state which lasted 16 months

1.4. The state had a quite advanced constitution

2. France

2.1. sparked by the supression of campagne des banquets

2.2. driven by nationalist and republican ideals

2.3. Believed the people should rule themselves

2.4. Louis-Napoleon, established the Second French Empire in 1852

3. Germany

3.1. Took place in the south and the west of Germany

3.2. Revolted with assemblies and mass demonstrations

3.3. Led by well-educated students and intellectuals

3.4. The uprisings were not well coordinated

4. Habsburg Empire

4.1. March 1848, Habsburg Empire threatened by revolutionary movements

4.2. Revolted to achieve either autonomy or independence

4.3. Nationalist picture was further complicated by the simultaneous events

5. Urban Workers

5.1. Bourgeoisie distanced themselves from the working poor

5.2. unskilled laborers worked 12 - 15 hours per day

5.3. Revolutionaries such as Karl Marx built up a following

5.4. manufactured goods decreased, causing increase in unemployment

6. Rural Areas

6.1. Rural population growth had led to food shortages

6.2. Also led to land pressure, and migration

6.3. Potato blight caused a crisis in Northern Europe

6.4. Aristocratic wealth correlated with owning farm land

6.5. Peasant grievances exploded during the revolutionary year of 1848

7. Background

7.1. Napoleon defeat brought a French Revolutionary/Napoleonic period

7.1.1. lasted from 1789-1815

7.2. Faced challenges from an increase in population

7.2.1. Demands for foodstuffs, housing and employment

7.3. Industrialization seriously impacted established craft industries

7.3.1. significant displacement into unemployment

7.4. Young people finished education,emerged into unwelcoming economic situation

7.4.1. Pay for workers began to fall

7.5. found it impossible to actually prosper