Distribution of Moral

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Distribution of Moral by Mind Map: Distribution of Moral

1. Mahmudah

1.1. Honesty

1.2. Not Insulting other religon

1.3. Helpful

1.4. Patience

1.5. Tolerance

2. Mazmumah

2.1. Angry

2.2. Dishonesty

2.3. Lying

2.4. Untrustworthy

3. Characteristics

3.1. Consistency

3.1.1. Islamic Civilization is ever lasting and does not change in terms of its creeds

3.1.2. Islam, which was brought by Prophet Muhammad will last until hereafter

3.1.3. Islamic laws follow the Quran, and this laws will never change

3.2. Open-Minded

3.2.1. Islamic Civilization has gone through a long period of progress

3.2.2. Islam accepts all things which is in line with its religious obligations

3.2.3. Islam allows changes/reformation which can strengthen this religion

3.3. Rational

3.3.1. Discussion is highly recommended in Islam to search for a solution

3.3.2. Good comments and criticisms are accepted in Islam in order to improve the standard of Islamic Civilization

3.4. Adaptation to current situation

3.4.1. Islam still exists nowadays because it can adapt to the current situation

3.4.2. Islamic system can accept new elements which are parallel with Islamic principles

3.5. Fit Human Nature

3.5.1. Islam teaches human beings to appreciate life, society and his/her surroundings

3.5.2. Human needs the balance between spiritual and physical development

3.5.3. Human also needs good relationship with Allah, other human and the surroundings

3.6. Perfection

3.6.1. It contains all matters in life including social, economy and politic

3.6.2. Muslim should use this quality of Islam to spread this religion throughout the world