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North Adams by Mind Map: North Adams

1. Future

1.1. Expansion of Mass MoCA

1.1.1. Will be largest Contemporary Art Museum in the Country!

1.2. Amtrak in North Adams

1.2.1. Train service running to/from Boston and NYC will make NAMA more accessible

1.3. Greylock Mill Project

1.4. Train Musuem

1.5. Redwood Motel

1.6. Uber to the Berkshires

1.7. Top of the World Gondola

1.8. Bike Path

1.9. "Central Park" of NAMA

1.10. Assests for Artists

1.10.1. North Adams Project getting artists to relocate to this city.

2. Interviews

2.1. Julia Dixon

2.1.1. Young people are missing from NAMA's community. There is so much happening here to be apart of!

2.2. Zach Feury

2.3. Mayor Alcombright

2.3.1. Direct Quote "stop [email protected]#$ing" when talking about the the things North Adams does not have. Very optimistic about the opportunists for the city in the future.

2.4. Positive Deviant Panel

2.4.1. People need to change their attitudes towards the idea that there is nothing to do in NAMA.

3. Problems

3.1. Position of downtown in relation to Route 2

3.2. Poor Economy

3.3. Lack of Creative Class

3.4. High Unemployment Rate

3.5. Declining Population

3.6. Ugly/Falling Down Infrastructure

3.7. Lack of Night Life

3.8. NAMA is far away from Big Cities

4. Solutions

4.1. Economic Gardening

4.2. Fixing Infrastructure

4.3. Keep MCLA students here!

5. Richard Florida

5.1. The Rise of the Creative Class

5.1.1. Super Creative Class and the Creative Professionals

5.1.2. 3 T's Technology Talent Tolerance

5.1.3. TAPE Technology Artisit Professionals Eds and Meds

6. Past

6.1. Print Works

6.2. Sprague Electric

6.3. Larger Population

6.4. Industrial City

6.5. Hospital