Elseta Cloudindustries supported devices

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Rocket clouds Integrations by Mind Map: Integrations

1. Energy management

1.1. Meters

1.1.1. Air Flow VP Instruments VPFflowScope

1.1.2. Electricity ABB M2M A41 A43 A43 B21 B23 B24 C11 C13 Accuenergy Accuvim II Ako Darwin Series Atec MDM3100 Carlo Gavazzi Em21 Em210 Em24 Em111 Em112 Vmu30s Wm30 Wm40 Circutor CMV-1D CVM144 CVM96 CVM-B100 CVM-B150 CVM-BC CVM-BD CVM-C10 CVMk CVMk2 CVM-Mini CVM-NET CVM-NET4 EDMK LM24 LM4i4o LM4A2IO LM50 MK-30-LCD MK-60-LCD MKD NRG96 ReadWatt Eastron SDM120-Mbus SDM120CT-P SDM230A SDM230D SDM230-2T SDM320A SDM320C SDM320D SDM320E SDM530m SDM630m SDM72 x835 Eaton EME1P EME3P IQ250/260 NZM-XMC-TC-MB NZM2-XMC-MB NZM3-XMC-MB PXM 2000 El Component 4-MOD Electrex Femto Enerdis CCT Enerium30 Enerium50 Enerium150 Ulys Elgama EPQS EPQM LZQM GAMA 100 GAMA 300 Entes EPR-04 MPR-63 RG3-12C General Electric MTDN3L MTDN3R4 Janitza UMG 96 S UMG 96RM UMG 103 UMG 508 UMG 509 UMG 511 UMG 512 UMG 604 E UMG 604 EP LEM EMN MeshGate MeshNode / WiRouter WiPulse WiStat WiTemp WiZone / WiZone NEMA Northern Design Nd-rail350 Lovato DMECD DMG210 DMG300 DMG700 DMG800 DMG900 Lumel ND1 ND10 ND20 ND20LITE N27P ND30 N30P ND40 N43 N100 P30H P30P SK32 Schneider Electric DM6200 iEM2110 iEM2135 iEM2150 iEM2155 iEM3135 iEM3150 iEM3155 iEM3210 iEM3235 iEM3250 iEM3255 iEM3335 iEM3335 iEM3350 iEM3355 Micrologic 5.2 E Micrologic 5.3 E Micrologic 6.2 E Micrologic 6.3 E PM 2000 PM3250 PM3255 PM500 PM5100 PM5300 PM5500 PM710 PM800 PM8000 PM9C Compact NSX Selec MFM384 MFM383A MFM374 MFM384RC EM368 Siemens PAC 3100 PAC 3200 7KT1531 7KT1533 7KT1540 7KT1542 7KT1543 7KT1545 7KT1546 7KT1548 Socomec Diris A10 Diris A20 Diris A40 Countis E30 Countis E40 Countis E50 Countis E60 Countis ECi2 Countis ECi3 Digiware C3x Digiware D-40 Digiware D-50 Digiware I3x Digiware I4x Digiware I6x Digiware Ux0

1.1.3. Flow Axioma QALCOSONIC FLOW W1 QALCOSONIC FLOW W2 Diehl Sharky775 RMG USZ 08 TEC 24

1.1.4. Gas RMG USM GT400 Siemens STE001

1.1.5. Heat Micronics Ultraflo U1000 Axioma SKU Mbus

1.1.6. Water ABB Elster H4000P H5000 Q4000 R1200 S120 S2000 Zenner EDC WPH-N 90° WPD / WPHD WSD / WSDE SITRANS FM MAGFLO Diehl Aquarius IZAR Axioma QALCOMATIC FLOW C QALCOMATIC FLOW H QALCOSONIC FLOW4

1.1.7. Optical mesurement reading

1.2. AIO

1.2.1. Advantech ADAM-4052 WISE-4220 WISE-4050 WISE-4050LAN WISE-4051 WISE-4060

1.2.2. Axis Axioma Enco Pulse PA-1

1.2.3. Brainchild I/O Modules

1.2.4. Elseta IOMOD -8DI/8DO IOMOD 16DI IOMOD 4AI(12bit) IOMOD 4AI(16bit) IOMOD 8AI(12bit) IOMOD 8AI(16bit) IOMOD HT IOMOD T

1.2.5. F&F MR-AI-1 MR-AO-1 MR-DIO-1

1.2.6. HMS I/O modules IOX-8DIO

1.2.7. Lumel HT20 NA3 NA5 NA6 RE62 Remote controler SM1 SM2 SM3 SM4 SM5 S4AI S4AO P30o

1.2.8. Ocean Controls DVP04PT-S

1.2.9. Papouch

1.2.10. Step S.L. TH-DG TH-RO

1.3. Distribution operators API

1.3.1. Electricity ESO

1.3.2. Water

1.3.3. Gas Ambergrid ESO

1.3.4. Heat

1.4. Existing factory EMS

1.4.1. Elgama sistemos

1.4.2. Other

1.5. Irradiation sensors

1.6. Wind direction and speed

1.6.1. Papouch WindETH TX20ETH

2. Industrial protocols

2.1. Diehl Solar inverters protocol

2.2. Kostal V5+

2.3. Modbus RTU

2.4. Modbus ASCII

2.5. Modbus TCP

2.6. M-Bus serial

2.7. M-Bus TCP

2.8. Wireless M-Bus

2.9. V-Bus

2.10. IEC 60870-5-101

2.11. IEC 60870-5-103

2.12. IEC 60870-5-104

2.13. IEC 62056-31

2.14. DNP 3.0 Serial

2.15. DNP 3.0 LAN

2.16. DLMS

2.17. OPC UA

3. Factory efficiency

3.1. Overall Equipment Efficiency

3.1.1. Availability Machine status Machine operation Stop times and reason

3.1.2. Performance Qty calc Cycle time Optical sensors Magnetic field sensors

3.1.3. Quality Scales Manual inspection input

3.1.4. Reporting What kind of issues was Shifts comparison

3.2. Lean Six sigma

3.3. Machine maintenance

3.3.1. Temperature/Humidity

3.3.2. Vibration

3.3.3. Periodical maintenance notification, based on working hours, or ect

3.3.4. Other Analog or Digital inputs from sensors

4. Street light

4.1. ABB Power one

5. Renewable energy

5.1. Wind

5.1.1. Vestas WD34 WD44

5.1.2. Enercon

5.2. Solar

5.2.1. Kaco

5.2.2. SMA Webox

5.2.3. Ginlong

5.2.4. ABB PowerOne Aurora Aurora RS Trio-27

5.2.5. Huawei SUN2000

5.2.6. Danfos TLX

5.2.7. Sungrow SGxxKTL(HL)(KU)

5.2.8. Kostal Piko

5.2.9. Fronius Modbus RTU

5.2.10. Ingenieurbüro Irradiation sensor Si-RS485

6. Compatible gateways

6.1. Elseta

6.1.1. WCC 200

6.1.2. WCC Lite

6.1.3. SCG v1

6.2. Elgama Sistemos

6.2.1. MCL5 IP

6.3. Power one ABB

6.4. SMA

6.4.1. Sunny Webbox

6.5. Solar Log

6.6. Sollae systems

6.6.1. CSE-H20

6.6.2. CSE-H21

6.6.3. CSE-H25

6.6.4. CSE-H53N

6.6.5. CSE-H55N

6.6.6. CSW-H80

6.6.7. CSW-H85K

6.7. Huawei

6.7.1. SmartLogger1000

6.8. WebDyn

6.8.1. WebDynSun

6.9. Xemtec

6.9.1. XemGate