Child Labor

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Child Labor by Mind Map: Child Labor

1. Who makes the children in slaved?

1.1. Lots of guilty people make the children work and they never let the children leave. They also scare the children when they don't do the right thing. Un example of the people hurting them is when

2. What do the children have to do?

2.1. The children have to work in the factories to make products. The children are the ones that are making the products but they don't get recognised by their work because the owner doesn't say who makes is.

2.2. The some of the laboured children has to work day and night to make the products well made and evern

3. When do the children start to be in Labor?

4. Where do the children work?

5. Why do the children work?

5.1. Children work so that they can help the family survive. Although they don't earn as much money as they need to survive that is how they get more money and the parents are ok with it.

5.2. Do the children stay at their work place or to they go home after working?

5.2.1. Some children are sold to the managers so that means that they cant escape and they will have to work for the rest of their life. The children get to sometimes sleep and eat after their work is done. Sometimes the manager takes advantage of the children by using them to work all day and night, sometimes the children don't get to eat anything when the manager doesn't want them to or if the children did a bad job.

6. How long are the children in slaved for?

6.1. Do the children get to choose when to stop working? If not why?

7. Why does child labor exist and how does it impact the children?

7.1. Child Labor exists because people in slave children. They in slave the children instead of adults because children have less power than adults and they cant do anything about it.

7.2. Another reason why children go to slavery because the parents think that if there children work they will get more money. Sometimes the parents have no choice and if they want to survive than they have to make their children work.

7.3. Or even the parents have no choice and they have to sell their children to factories so that they can earn money/get money.

8. What can we do to help?

8.1. There are lots of organisations that help the children like "Free the children" witch a 12 year old boy started that is helping to raise money for the children.

8.2. We can be more responsible about our choices and buy items that you know who made it.

9. Other information

9.1. lots of children around the world are Labourd weather the country is un LEDC or an MEDC.

9.2. There are lots of organisations that are helping to free the children.