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Academy | Apple by Mind Map: Academy | Apple

1. Business Models

1.1. Synergistic Innovation

1.2. Systemic Innovation

1.3. Business Models combined with Value Proposition

1.4. Innovation Management

1.5. Red Ocean Innovation

2. Sustaining Incremental Value Gain

2.1. Process Innovation

2.2. Incremental Innovation

2.3. Service Innovation

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4. Capture Value: Apples creates Capturing value in global markets by Manufacturing outside of the US then marketing to mostly US Customers. It is because of the innovation that apples created the most value.

5. Idea Selecting: Going through a lot of content about Apple and knowing how Academy already works within the organization they work very similar when it comes to the ideas that they actually pursue. They both have a thorough creative team that hits specific points and it must pass as well.

6. Capture Value: Capturing value is the kind of business that Academy is in. With every closing loan give that value capture. Academy is build upon that exactly concept and at any point it does not it will fail.

7. Sustainability: Both Academy and Apple have very high sustainability. Apple has been and will be in the top leaders of technology forth coming. Academy is in the business of giving tools to the people to get themselves in great living situation. People will always need a place to live and that is sustain in one.

8. One of Apple's biggest success is learning from their experiences and grown from it. They have learned from failed innovations and built upon it and because of it have grown into of the top companies of this age.

9. Academy has big bumps when it comes to innovation. But where a door closes because of that close it can create new ways to innovate which it has at Academy. Experiences that Academy has had to go through have made them one of the leading companies in mortgage lending.