ICTs and the Library

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ICTs and the Library by Mind Map: ICTs and the Library

1. Owned/Licensed by the College

1.1. On Desktops

1.2. On Laptops

1.3. On Tablets

2. Hardware

2.1. Owned by Students and Faculty

2.1.1. Used on Site Laptops Tablets Mobile phones

2.1.2. Used Outside the Library Computers Laptops Desktops Tablets Mobile phones

2.2. Owned by the Library

2.2.1. Use on Site Only Desktop computers Windows Macs Self-checkout machines Laptops Books Printers Scanners Assistive technology Microform readers

2.2.2. Can Be Borrowed Laptops Windows Macs Tablets iPads Kindles Calculators Graphing Calculators Financial Calculators Cameras Presentation remotes Clickers

3. Software and Apps

3.1. Owned/Licensed by Students and Faculty

3.1.1. On Desktops

3.1.2. On Laptops

3.1.3. On Tablets

3.1.4. On Mobile Phones

4. Library Systems

4.1. Library Website

4.1.1. Pages on Library Web Server

4.1.2. Twitter

4.2. E-reserves

4.3. OneSearch (discovery layer)

4.4. Library Catalog

4.5. Find it! (link resolver)

4.6. Databases We License or Purchase

4.7. LibGuides

4.8. Remote access

5. Communication Systems

5.1. Telephone

5.2. Chat Service

5.3. Email

5.4. Texts (SMS)

5.5. Web forms