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1. Dorothy

1.1. Internal Conflict

1.2. External Conflict

1.2.1. Situational Irony about Dorothy

2. The Tin Woodman

2.1. Internal Conflict

2.1.1. a. Melis: He thinks that he has no heart and no feelings but in fact he is very kind.

2.1.2. b.Even though he is in the thought of being in need of a heart he was as emotional as a human being with a heart.(Can)

2.2. External Conflict

2.2.1. b.Eylül:He fighted with the figthing trees with his axe.

2.2.2. a.Batu-Lion vs. Tinman: Lion says he can kill a deer although he says he has no braveness but Tinman rejects that and says "I will cry if you kill a deer".

2.2.3. Situational Irony about the Character He is on a trip to get a heart and on their way he gets hungry. Lion wants a deer as lunch but Tinman says that he would cry if he have killed the deer and prooved that he didn't need a heart.(can) a.Batu-Alhtough he thinks he is not able to love and he doesn't have emotions but he is able to care and love.

3. The Wizard of Oz

3.1. Internal Conflict

3.1.1. a.

3.1.2. b.

3.2. External Conflict

3.2.1. a. Doğa Dokuz: When the Oz said that he wasn't a real wizard, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Lion, Tin Woodman were angry with him.

3.2.2. b.

3.3. Situational Irony about the Character

3.3.1. a.

3.3.2. b.

4. The Scarecrow

4.1. Internal Conflict

4.2. External Conflict

4.2.1. a. Deniz:He killed the 40 crows

4.2.2. b. Şevval Göze: Dorothy thinks Scarecrow is smart but Scarecrow thinks he is not.

4.2.3. Situational Irony about the Character b.Has no brain but he found ideas.

5. The Cowardly Lion

5.1. Internal Conflict

5.1.1. a. Selin: (lion X itself) The lion had believed that he was the least courageous lion he had ever seen, and he wasn't avare of the power that he had inside him. Hazal: (the cowardly lion x herself) because he thinks he hasn't got courage but he has.

5.1.2. b. External Conflict a. b. Selin: (Lion X The Spider) On their way to the South, lion fighted with the huge spider that was threatening the forest where he soon is going to live in.

5.2. Situational Irony about the Character

5.2.1. a.

5.2.2. b.

6. The Wicked Witch of the West

6.1. Internal Conflict

6.1.1. a.

6.1.2. b.

6.2. External Conflict

6.2.1. a.

6.2.2. b.

6.3. Situational Irony about the Character

6.3.1. a.

6.3.2. b.

7. a. Doğa Dokuz: He thinks that he isn't useful and smart but he becomes a ruler of the Emerald City.