Training a rescue dog

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Training a rescue dog by Mind Map: Training a rescue dog

1. training programs

1.1. pet smart

1.2. how much do they cost?

1.3. pet co

1.4. cold creek dog training

2. issues with rescue dogs

2.1. are they potty trained?

2.2. do they know their name?

2.3. behavioral problems

2.4. anxiety problems

3. difference between rescue puppies and rescue dogs

3.1. puppies: not potty trained

3.2. puppies: hyper

3.3. dogs: calmer

3.4. dogs: easier to train

4. shelters vs. homes

4.1. in kennels all of the time at shelters

4.2. have a family at home

4.3. gets lots of love at home

4.4. shelters: lots of noise and dogs