FS2U4 Inquiry Cycle Ideas

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FS2U4 Inquiry Cycle Ideas by Mind Map: FS2U4 Inquiry Cycle Ideas

1. Tuning In

1.1. Front loader - role play guessing game: what am I? Teacher takes an item from a box and acts a scene around the item (a cape. a box. a hat).

1.2. Pre-assessment - use role play areas and teacher completes checklist.

1.3. Begin to read stories that can easily be role-played.

2. Finding Out

2.1. Teacher models prop making.

2.2. What materials can we use to make props?

2.3. Mr. Maker & Play school (youtube)

2.4. Stories, puppets

2.5. talk about beginning, middle, end

2.6. story language - Once upon a time, then, next, after that, the end

3. Sorting Out

3.1. Character builds

3.2. making props and accessories

3.3. making puppets

3.4. begin to use puppets and props in their role play

4. Taking Action

4.1. I can share my stories through a range of mediums - shadow puppet, puppet pals, story board, book, role play, puppet shows, small world

5. Making Conclusions

5.1. Independently use everyday resources to imagine and pretend when creating and acting out my own stories

5.2. I can involve others in my imaginary play to create a narrative

6. Going Further

6.1. Performing puppet shows/narratives

6.2. accessing junk modelling materials independently to create props to support their stories and role play.

6.3. independently choosing classroom resources to us to pretend it is something else (e.g. I will use this bucket as a helmet)

6.4. Use story mapping and story boards to create their own imaginative stories which can then be transferred ti their role play or puppet shows

6.5. use shadow puppet to tell stories

6.6. use puppet pal to create their own stories and record