Y4U4 Unit Links

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Y4U4 Unit Links by Mind Map: Y4U4 Unit Links

1. Simple Problem solving

2. Computing

2.1. Research

2.2. Apps: Picollage, book creator, pages, Kahoot

3. Maths

3.1. Weight of rubbish in g and kg

3.2. Survey

4. Literacy

4.1. Narrative: Michael recycle story

4.2. Non-Fiction: Pacific island, Easter island--Plastic Refuse (Birds dying from rubbish)

4.2.1. Various text types based on visuals and environmental factors

4.3. Poetry: Recycling Kennings

5. Art

5.1. Produce an art piece from recycled mater

6. PE

7. Music

7.1. instruments made from recycled materials project.

7.2. Class performance

8. Science

8.1. Human Impact- how have humans changed the environment

9. Arabic

9.1. Environment texts via Ministry approved books