Y2U3 Unit Links

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Y2U3 Unit Links by Mind Map: Y2U3 Unit Links

1. Simple Problem solving

1.1. Animal protection

2. Computing

2.1. www.kidrex.org search engine. Search for life cycle games

2.2. Labelling of flowers and animals game.

2.3. Making an animal report and saving it

3. Maths

3.1. Data handling. Pictographs, bar charts, tally charts about animals.

3.2. Addition of mini beasts legs

3.3. Word problems involving animals

4. Literacy

4.1. Recount of when you met an animal

4.2. Re-tell of animal life cycle stories

4.3. Life cycle stories read and adapted for their own animals. Research involved with use of iPads.

5. Art

5.1. Window displays - Life cycle art

6. PE

7. Music

8. Science

8.1. Life cycles of animals and plants

8.2. Investigation of mealworms

8.3. Endangered animals

8.4. Putting it all together

9. Arabic