Y6U3 Inquiry Cycle Ideas

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Y6U3 Inquiry Cycle Ideas by Mind Map: Y6U3 Inquiry Cycle Ideas

1. Tuning In

1.1. What do you know?

1.1.1. Students given pictures of various biomes around the world. Write what they know about the different ones.

1.2. Planet Earth from Pole to Pole

2. Finding Out

2.1. animal adaptations and animals in different biomes.

3. Sorting Out

3.1. food chains of animals in different biomes - how are the living things in the biomes interconnected.

4. Taking Action

4.1. biome research presentation project on Keynote in partners - choose a biome and research climate, where in the world it is located, animals and vegetation, adaptations, food chains and human impact.

5. Making Conclusions

6. Going Further

6.1. human impact on the biomes and its effects