FS2U3 Inquiry Cycle Ideas

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FS2U3 Inquiry Cycle Ideas by Mind Map: FS2U3 Inquiry Cycle Ideas

1. Tuning In

1.1. Found out what we already know about weather

1.2. Dress the Bear appropriately for different weather conditions

2. Finding Out

2.1. Day and Night - video clips of sunset and sunrise, Peace At Last, Owl Babies,

2.2. Looked at routines - day and night, activities related to times of day

2.3. read fiction and non-fictions texts illustrating different types of weather, weather related clothing and weather related activities.

2.4. Learning about different types of weather - look at clothes, activities, landscapes

3. Sorting Out

3.1. story boards/zig-zag books - create their own stories using their knowledge of weather and weather related clothing and activities

3.2. Use role play area, dress in appropriate clothing and accessories for different types of weather

3.3. matching pictures of clothing to the correct weather photo

4. Taking Action

4.1. Independently make decisions for self, based on weather.

4.2. Plan ahead for weather - It might rain later, should we have outdoor play or not?

5. Making Conclusions

5.1. summative assessment - illustrations to show clothing, accessories, activities for rainy, snowy and sunny weather

5.2. How does different weather affect our lives?

6. Going Further

6.1. weather survival lists - what do I need to wear/take with me - to the snow, to the beach, when it's raining

6.2. Dressing appropriately for different weather - if it's raining, bring an umbrella to school. If it's hot, take your jumper off.

6.3. Talk about how different weather affects our bodies - when it's hot I sweat, when it's cold I shiver, my teeth chatter