FS1U2 Inquiry Cycle Ideas

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FS1U2 Inquiry Cycle Ideas by Mind Map: FS1U2 Inquiry Cycle Ideas

1. Tuning In

1.1. how do we play with our friends

1.2. what does it mean to share

1.3. how do we take turns

1.4. what do you enjoy playing with

2. Finding Out

2.1. finding out what areas we have in the class

2.2. what do we use the building blocks for

2.3. naming the toys that we use in each corner

2.4. mind map of each different area of play

2.5. photographs of the different toys and areas

3. Sorting Out

3.1. provide opportunities for children to create their own play areas using various resources

3.2. role playing behavior scenarios

4. Going Further

4.1. wider knowledge of play - where else can we play other than school

4.2. how can they enhance their play

4.3. developing holististic learning into play e.g. ordering number lego, technology making a house.

5. Making Connections

5.1. understanding appropriate play- behaviour

5.2. understanding appropriate play- correct use of resources

6. Taking Action

6.1. imaginative play- children use their creativity to make up their own stories using various props

6.2. messy play- children explore different materials and describe textrures

6.3. construction- children build and balance various blocks

6.4. small world- transfer their thoughts and feelings onto small objects with which they play with.

6.5. prop making- developing ideas of how to enhance their play through creating their own props.