19th Century

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19th Century by Mind Map: 19th Century

1. Religion

1.1. In the 19th century England was a christian country

1.2. The only other religion during the time was judaism, In 1880 there was around 60,000 however by 1914 there was 300,000 which is 240,000 people in 34 years which is a very big amount

2. Travel & Discovery

2.1. The people would travel with horses or with coaches and then towards the 1820's railways came through. However people didn't travel as much and when they would travel they wouldn't go as far like nowadays

2.2. In the 19th century they discovered the first electronics (phones and computers) and the introduction to the telegraph which was discovered in 1837. The 19th century was an era where many scientific discoveries and inventions where made. The first phone call using a telephone was in 1876 and the first functional light bulb was in 1878. Many sports were also discovered like football, rugby, baseball and cricket. There was alot of exploring and research done in the 19th century that lead to many more discoveries and inventions in the 20th century

3. Men & Women's Life

3.1. Their Roles!

3.1.1. Women : Obey their husbands, have children , do house hold duties (Clean & Cook) and work as a laundresses, steamstresses or nurses

3.2. Men : Working, providing for the family, making sure the women are doing what they are told to do and the men need to go to work to make money to provide for the family (buying them clothes or food and everything else they need to survive)

3.3. Employment

3.3.1. Women : Lower class would be servants or factory workers. Middle and upper class women can sometimes help with family business but most of time they would be told to do housework or the health care of their families

3.3.2. Men : Lower class men took dangerous jobs like coal mining. Middle & Upper class men had a more educational opportunities so they can have professional jobs like doctors or lawyers

3.4. Education

3.4.1. Women : In the 19th century, women didn't have the rights they have today. The couldn't vote, couldn't sue, had extremely limited control over personal property after marriage and rarley had legal custody of their children in cases of divorce.

3.4.2. Men : Since men were superior to women, they had all the rights. Men could vote, work at any job, have higher educations and they had complete control over marriage and wife