TriMet and LTD Board Reform

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TriMet and LTD Board Reform by Mind Map: TriMet and LTD Board Reform

1. House Transportation Committee

1.1. Caddy Mckeown

1.1.1. Office of Student Access and Completion

1.1.2. Supporter of Youth Transit Bill- Talk to Meliah Masiba Policy Director

1.2. Mark Meek, Vice Chair

1.3. Richard Vial, Vice Chair

1.4. Greg Barreto

1.5. Paul Evans

1.5.1. LA- Alex Kohan (Maria worked with him closely during the last 10 days of election in joint office as well with his Chief of Staff Evan Sorce) Orlando also knows Paul Evans closely.

1.6. Susan McLain

1.6.1. Western Oregon University

1.6.2. 4-H Program

1.7. Ron Noble

1.8. Carl Wilson

1.8.1. R. Grant Pass

1.9. Brad Witt

1.9.1. State Boards of Forestry, Watershed Enhancement and the Forest Resources Institute

1.9.2. Economist to the National AFL-CIO, 14 years served as secretary-treasurer

2. House Rules Committee

2.1. Rep. Jennifer Williamson, Chair

2.1.1. LA- Bayley Dahlke (Maria knows her closely)

2.2. R. Mike McLane, Vice Chair

2.2.1. Works for Miller Nash, LLP who sponsored the Legacy of the Civil Rights Act of 1964: Past, Present and Future Awards Reception (Reyna Lopez was an awardee)

2.2.2. Oregon State University, 4-H- four concepts of leadership: heart, head, hands and health.

2.3. Dan Rayfield, Vice Chair

2.3.1. Western State University and Willamette College of Law- Teresa Alonso Leon knows him closely

2.4. Greg Barreto

2.5. Jodi Hack

2.6. Paul Holvey

2.6.1. LA- Cassidy Valenzuela- Is part of the steering committee for the OLCV with Adam Meyer (Vivian)

2.7. Bill Kennemer

2.7.1. Former Board Member of the Association of Oregon Counties

2.8. Rob Nosse

2.8.1. Oregon Nurses Association

2.8.2. Oregon Student Association Lamar Wise, Legislative Director at OSA knows him

2.8.3. St. Philip Neri Church, a Catholic Church

2.9. Barbara Smith Warner

2.9.1. LA- Zoe Bluffstone

2.9.2. Chief of Staff- Chloe Becker

3. Organizations

3.1. Disability Rights Oregon

3.1.1. Bob Joondeph

3.2. Oregon Commission for the Blind

3.2.1. Yesenia Gutierrez Director Of Equal Opportunity/Deputy Title IX Coordinator at OSU Jaime knows her through Legal Aid Services of Oregon

3.2.2. David- OPAL Board Member

3.3. Easter Seal Society

3.4. Oregon Disabilities Commission

3.5. Oregon Association of the Deaf

3.6. Hearing Loss Association of Oregon

3.7. Coalition for Communities of Color

3.8. Momentum Alliance

3.8.1. Diego Hernandez

3.9. Native American Youth and Family Center

3.9.1. Tawna Sanchez

3.10. YEJA

4. Senate Rules Committee

4.1. Senate Rules Committee

4.1.1. Sen. Ginny Burdick, Chair Chief Sponsor of the Clean Indoor Air Act in 2007 University of Oregon

4.1.2. Sen, Ted Ferrioli, Vice Chair

4.1.3. Sen. Lee Beyer Funded the Community Services Consortium, Inc.-ending poverty

4.1.4. Sen. Brian Boquist

4.1.5. Sen, Arnie Roblan Friends of New and Sustainable Industry (FONSI) served in Boards such as: Coos Bay/ North Bend Water Board, the Coos Educators Federal Credit Union, Belloni Ranch, YMCA Youth in Government and the Oregon Coastal Environments Network (OCEAN). Senator Arnie Roblan also served on the boards of numerous organizations, including the Southwestern Oregon Transportation and Economic Development Workgroup, the Oregon Education Accountability Roundtable, the Governance Group of the Capitol Restoration Project, the Coastal Caucus and the Chalkboard Project.

5. Sponsor

5.1. Sen. Dembrow