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1. A year new resolution: to stop procrasinating.

2. How long will it last?

2.1. why do we keep putting things off?

2.2. Why is procrastination such a common problem?

3. Who?

3.1. students and academics

3.2. impulsive, prone to perfectionism, burdened by other people's expectations of them, and scared of failure.

3.3. It affects younger people in particular, because we get better at controlling our emotions as our brain develops.

4. Distractions

4.1. At only the click of a button, an essay can be replaced by a video on Youtube or social medias, texting friends..etc...

5. Definition

5.1. procrastination is making the choice to avoid doing something, even though we know this will cost us in the long run.


6.1. "When we procrastinate, we are trying to improve our mood by avoiding doing something that feels unpleasant to us,"

6.2. "A bit like getting drunk or comfort eating, it is a coping strategy to feel better by distracting ourselves with short-term pleasure and forgetting about a problem."

7. What can you do about it?

7.1. 1) Practice techniques of mindfulness and meditation to gain control over negative thoughts.

7.2. 2) Break down a task into clear and manageable steps.

7.3. 3) Don't punish yourself for procrastinating.

7.4. 4) Build on the good habits you already have.

7.5. 5) Get in touch with your "future self".

7.6. 6) Work out why you care about what you are doing.