Culture Hack Day IE

Brian S
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Culture Hack Day IE by Mind Map: Culture Hack Day IE

1. Audience Generated Data

1.1. Foursquare/Yelp/Facebook-place Check-ins

1.1.1. APIs Foursquare - Yelp - Facebook - Twitter -

1.2. Twitter

1.2.1. Geo-tagged tweeting from venues

1.2.2. Mentions of cultural events

1.3. Realtime audience related data for performances:

2. Datasets /Data Sources

2.1. CKAN Ireland

2.1.1. CKAN Ireland is 'an open registry of data and content packages' making it 'easy to find, share and reuse content and data, especially in ways that are machine automatable'.

2.1.2. Over 250 datasets available, e.g:



2.3. Cultural datasets


2.3.2. NIVAL not public - can someone invite them to participate?

2.3.3. National Gallery

2.3.4. IMMA

2.3.5. TCD?

2.3.6. Chester Beatty?

2.3.7. OPW?

2.3.8. Cultural Orgs' PR/Dynamic/Event/Emphemeral Data Theatre Forum - Visual Artists Ireland - - Orgs' Facebook Page/Events CMC Literature Equiv? Twitter FMC - Breaking Tunes (musician database + upcoming events, also have an iphone app that's geo-tagged Irish Theatre Institute Irish Playography: Irish Theatre Online - database of practitioners/support orgs/production companies Irish Music Database: Events Listings or

2.3.9. Irish Artist Led Archive

2.3.10. RTE archives

2.3.11. Public Art Directory :

2.3.12. DHO Digital Humanities :DRAPIer: Digital Research And Projects in Ireland

2.4. Culture Funding

2.4.1. Public National Government Culture Ireland Arts Council of Ireland Film Board Department of Arts, Sports and Tourism Music Network Council of National Cultural Institutions Local Government = (If you cant find an itemised arts budget try the the main City & County Council Budgets) Arts Council of Ireland - Local Arts Office Listings - Carlow County Council Cavan County Council Clare County council Cork Donegal Dublin Galway Kerry County Council Kildare County Arts Service Kilkenny County Council Laois County Council Leitrim County Council Limerick Longford County Council Louth County Council Mayo County Council Meath County Council Monaghan County Council (Note: dedicated Arts Office site,, is offline at time of posting) Offaly County Council Roscommon County Council Sligo County Council Tipperary Waterford Westmeath County Council Wexford County Council Wicklow County Council

2.4.2. Private

3. Scrapers



4. Data Visualisation

4.1. Resources & articles

4.1.1. Computational Information Design - great analysis/overview of the field (by Ben Fry, co-creator of Processing)

4.1.2. Hans Rosling


4.2. Tools and platforms

4.2.1. Google Public Data visualisation platform

4.2.2. New node




5. Welcome!

5.1. this mindmap started from a blog post


5.2. it's a work in progress, please contribute! help us flesh it out and add/edit/prune as you see fit

5.3. you can edit in your browser, just sign up for a free Mindmeister account over on the right --->

5.4. the intention is to capture as much of our ideas initially and give some structure to the content of our discussions, hopefully a clearer direction will emerge

6. Related organisations

6.1. Free Culture Ireland




7. Art/Open data people

7.1. Rob Myers




8. Cultural Orgs Involved

8.1. To be updated as orgs register interest

8.1.1. with data

8.1.2. with resources

8.1.3. with space

8.2. Monster Truck Gallery and Studios


8.2.2. Is an arts organisation based in Dublin,Ireland. It has two buildings facilitating 8 artists studios and a high profile exhibition space in the center of Dublin city.

9. Supporting talks/demos