Evolution of YOUR Internet Business

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Evolution of YOUR Internet Business by Mind Map: Evolution of YOUR Internet Business

1. 2. Where To Start & Why

1.1. Business Criteria

1.1.1. Must be a well established Stable Secure Company

1.1.2. Must Have a Product and opportunity that EVERYONE can benefit from

1.1.3. Must have a strong LASTING and even growing demand

1.1.4. Must be affordable and provide good value Why a company that has a cost? People will say it's a Red Flag when a company charges you to be associated when the objective is for YOU to Make Money. Personally, I am in many free programs where you join and do make commissions when others upgrade. I am even upgraded in many myself (which pay even better commissions), however, with completely free programs, upgrades come few and far between. You can make money, but nothing like programs that are low cost, have a monthly autoship, a good structured compensation plan and provide a product or service with good value.

1.1.5. Must have a lucrative compensation plan that brings recurring income and possibilities for compounding exponential growth Hover over the arrow and click the web link below

1.1.6. Must have a system with a simple formula that can be easily duplicatated GDI brings the System and the Formula. You can do this right now from your phone. Do this and see how it is HIGHLY DUPLICATABLE. This is a toll free number 1-800-693-6897. There is a 3 minute recording that explains GDI and the opportunity. At the end it will ask for your sponsor's user name-ID. You (people) speak this ID into the phone spelling each letter. T N T P O W E R. It will then ask for your name, email address and phone number. Leaving this information creates a temporary user name for you to use this same system. Do not say words - only spell letter by letter. Your email address becomes your temporary GDI user name (ID) and allows you to start making money right away. Your phone number is only used if GDI is unable to understand the information you spoke into the phone (you will not be called by anyone unless GDI needs to clarify spelling/information). Enter this toll free GDI phone number into your phone contact list or speed dial. You can duplicate this process using your email address (in place of my user name tntpower) and and be in business in the next few minutes. This is only one of many methods. Hover over the arror and click the web link below

1.2. The Business of Choice

1.2.1. Global Domains International GDI is a website hosting company & a domain provider - Your website comes already set up to present the GDI opportunity - Later if you (people) want to, they can build a website GDI Company Presentation - Hover over arrow Related websites Demand There are Currently over 200 BILLION Internet users Experts project 500 MILLION new Domains EVERY YEAR for the next 10 years People want a Personal Online presence, a "home" on the Internet and representation. People also want Additional Income People identify/Associate who they are by their home, neighborhood, car they drive, type of cell phone they have, right down to shoes and ball cap logos. A (dot) .WS website is not only a personal web presence, it is also a sign of INTELLIGENCE... It is a business that goes wherever you go because your website address is with you at all times IN YOUR HEAD. GDI is a Debt Free, Inc. 500 company, over 12 years established. They are members of the Direct Selling Association (Not a pyramid and can not be a pyramid as a DSA member), They are in 180 countries and presented in 30 languages.

1.2.2. Any others Must compare to GDI to be considered Any other business in consideration can be included on your developed GDI website... it does not work the other way around. Because your GDI website is YOUR Internet presence, You can add or delete as many other products and opportunities as you like.

1.3. The Evolutionary Process

1.3.1. GDI is set up to make money immeadiately When you join GDI you get a website and automatically become an affiliate (you can make money right away) There are 3 main ways to build your GDI/Online Business See the GDI Company Presentation - Hover over the arrow 1. Join GDI, choose a user name and a name for YOUR website. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUILD A WEBSITE - Hover over the Arrow to join Free now

2. SOME Programs - Opportunities - Products that I Currently Promote YOU DO THIS LATER (IF You want to)

2.1. Hey Tommy! I was thinking we might even set it up so our downline could include a couple select programs of their own. Maybe just include a suggestion that they keep it to 2 and have it in mind that they make them be their favorites for building GDI

2.2. Current Opportunities

2.3. Current Products


3.1. The objective is to get you in the Right Business with the right resources to build quickly and effectivly.

3.1.1. Ultimately you will want to copy this Mind Map (to your own) so you can provide a link of YOUR Map for the training of your team. WHEN YOU ARE READY, come back here and Get YOUR OWN FREE MindMap - Hover over the Arrow

3.2. Follow through in order and click the "+" symbols to progress through. Note: You can left click on this page, hold the mouse button down and move the page as needed to view the various sections. Below, you can also select to zoom in or out.

4. What you need to know

4.1. This will "Auto Play" beggining with 1 of 5 aspects to a complete understanding of our objective. Be patient and follow through - Hover over arrow to begin

5. Methods for Building Your Business

5.1. EVERYONE START HERE - The Most simple Basic way to get started

5.1.1. 1. Attentive Listening The most basic fundamental way for everyone to see success is by having your business fit into your everyday life. You do not chase your friends and family or attack everyone you meet with a "pitch". You do learn to develop listening skills that help you tune in to key words or phrases that let you know there is an opportunity for you to help someone and in turn benefit each other with a "win/win" result. Most people commonly refer others to favorite restaurants, movies or ANYTHING that the other person is interested in or looking for if they believe they are being helpful or enlightening. That even includes websites and videos online.EVERYONE could use additional income. YOUR business is to "tune in" to people when they tell you they could use a little help. This is not a hard business to find success and a lucrative income. You will not however, have a lick of success though, if you work as a "secret agent", stay undercover and never tell anyone... never give anyone your website address, etc. You really owe it to everyone to at least tell them once. Do not feel bad if they tell you no. They are NOT saying no to you... they are saying no to themselves. You will be successful. You MUST be able to tell them later that you did invite them in.

5.1.2. 2. Natural way to continously and systematically reach people 2. Look for ways to naturally and continually reach people. Some simple ways are to use an automatic signature setting in your email. Your signature could be an encouraging phrase to click on your website link (that would also be included in the signature). This would be a natural way to get your message out with every email you send.

5.1.3. 3. Use your email Signature and Vacation message 3. Use your email vacation message. Most email accounts allow you to create a custom vacation message. This is generally used when you are away, however, you can set these up to reply to every email you receive with a your own message. That could be very generic to accomodate any type of email you receive, yet, also reach people with a reply that will get people to look at your opportunity. That could be a message as simple as: Thank you for you email. I am currently away but will follow up ASAP. Meanwhile, take a look at (YOUR WEBSITE). I'll look forward to our next contact. (Your Name)

5.1.4. 4. Vehicle Signs 4. A vehicle sign (Be sure to see our recommended specifications). Window decal or maginetic sign. That would be a personal choice. Some people might have "pride" issues and feel it more important to sport their favorite ball team with a window decal than their own business. Keep in mind, it's YOUR business and your downline will most likely do whatever you do as an example. I would urge you to build your business and when you generate enough money for the (fill in name of your dream car), maybe your advertising will be at a much higher level and you could due without the vehicle sign (I don't know why you wouldn't keep it even then though). Yes, this most likely will have a cost, however, is really not much and basically one time. If cost is an issue, you can even print out lettering from your computer and cut it to create a template. Colored spray paint will work and you can do a clean job if you take your time. This is only suggested as an alternative to spending on a professionally made sign and suggested only as a window sign (can be scraped off later). The sign and specifications we are suggesting you stay with is: STAY HOME - GET PAID! Under this phrase, you would have YOUR website address. Yellow Lettering, Arial Font, Itilac and sized to fit your window. Magnetic signs are also a great option because they can be moved from one vehicle to other or removed as you might desire. The reason for this format is that initially, you will most likely be building your business off-line (Internet is an option that should be explored, however, the objective is to quickly bring no cost or low cost effective methods that you and your downline can use and can duplicate). Because we are initially focusing on off-line methods, you will most likely begin with a local presence. As people join you... "your team", they will also duplicate these methods. The phrase "STAY HOME - GET PAID" is a very close resemblance to a very effective vehicle sign of a GDI leader. When you and your downline use this phrase and format, people will see the similarities around their area... the community and associate the various vehicles... other GDI members as a group with a popularity and acceptance. On the other hand, if everyone used a random phrase of their own, they would appear more as an individual working alone and possibly lack credibility as well as losing the collective spirit of the group; A powerful influence encouraging acceptance.

5.2. Resources that can propel

5.2.1. 1. Important Considerations about Resources Many resources listed in this section are free to join and use. Many will have upgradable features. Generally, when you join, you will see a "one time offer" that is usually the best price you will ever see for that particular upgrade. The decision to upgrade is entirely yours to make. If you are familiar with the resource and have found it to be beneficial, consider the upgrade with the "one time offer"; you can always cancel it. On the other hand, if you join and pass on the offer, yet later decide you would like to be upgraded, you will most likely pay more in the long run. Many resources lend themselves to Income opportunities through affiliate programs. In other words, you might join a program for the use of (example) a mailing campaign. Using the mailing campaign could increase "traffic" or visitors to your website. At the same time, because you are a member of the program, you are also positioned to promote the program itself. You will find that many programs are free to join, yet, will also pay you for any sales that are generated through you. Sales are usually made by other people joining the program, however, taking the upgrade for the use of a higher level of service... thereby earning you a commission. Generally, people that are upgraded in these programs receive a much higher commission than the free members.

5.2.2. FREE Resources Mail Campaigns Safemail Solo mail Credit mail Personal mailing list(s) Traffic Exchanges

5.2.3. Low Cost Resources

5.2.4. Methods to Consider Video Marketing Search Engine Optimazation Social networking (online social sites)

6. Our Mission Statement

6.1. We strongly believe that it does take a village. Without a team and the success of others, we will fall short from true greatness. Everyone's success depends on the success of others. There is a foundation, structure and simple formula that will nearly guarantee success. It requires a complete understanding of our mission and an unwavering commitment from you. We promise, we pledge, we will be absolutely committed to helping you and our team in every aspect of building a successful GDI business by providing a step by step detailed layout of various courses of action that will fit with options to suite everyone.

7. A Mix of Business Building Tools

7.1. This is a resource page of various programs I have personally joined. Experience has showed me that a program could be here today and gone tomorrow. Many of the programs listed are front runners that I use on a regular basis. Others are programs that I might not have given a fair effort to see positive results. Last, it is possible some of them are just plain not worth the time and effort. When I confirm that a program is just plain not worth the effort, I remove it. From time to time you will find a generic page I insert as a disclosure to maintain my credibility and protect you from a wasted effort. Discovering a bad or discontinued program requires reconstruction of the grid. With that in mind, I use the disclosure page until I have reason enough to completely remove and reconstruct the web page. Hover over the arrow

7.2. GDI is the only business that I am aware of on the Internet where people have built promotional systems around the GDI opportunity. This is the GDI Co-op and is free to join

8. Mind Map Created by:

8.1. Tony Slaick - TnTPower Team