Infinite Equity Community (I.E.C) Version 1.0

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Infinite Equity Community (I.E.C) Version 1.0 by Mind Map: Infinite Equity Community (I.E.C) Version  1.0

1. Benefits

1.1. Good Community culture as your reputation is at stake

1.2. Ongoing passive income

1.2.1. More time to fulfill your destiny

1.3. Possibilities

1.3.1. Group buying Physical goods Internet and Phone in-house company

1.3.2. Fleet buy cars

1.3.3. Time share properties

1.3.4. Communities and Land

1.3.5. Travel

1.4. Security

1.4.1. Robust system of varied income streams

1.4.2. Network of Friends

1.4.3. Non disclosure statements filed

1.5. Valued by the Community

1.6. Private ATM Card and Banking

1.7. Inherent trust system

1.7.1. All financial transactions executed via smart contract

2. Founding Documents

2.1. People

2.1.1. Equity Funds Private system equity investment vetted by founding members. (Invatation only) Resources Personal useful assets..I.E. 3d printer, home office. Skills & Talents Skills current Skills required / needed / wanted

3. Reputation Management

3.1. All actions documented and peer rated

3.1.1. Your behavior dictates furthering participation. If you are a Dick, no one will play with you!!

3.2. Profile. Skills,record,about etc. Written by 3rd parties?

3.2.1. Peer chosen Project Managers can choose you for a project from your profile

4. Founding Documents

4.1. Open Project System

4.1.1. Has a nominal % stake in closed system to assist in the creation of win win win Projects

4.1.2. Controlled by Artificial Intelligence Zero leadership!

4.1.3. Reputation Management for Participants

4.1.4. Utilises The Wisdom of the Crowd for project approval

4.1.5. Project submission forms within set guidelines

4.1.6. A.I. will be able to choose individuals for fulltime employment and project assignment

5. Projects

5.1. Formats

5.1.1. Physical goods

5.1.2. Online

5.1.3. Investments / Acquisitions

5.2. How?

5.2.1. Incubator. Concepts discussed in chat Preliminary application Risk Management assesment

5.3. Running Project

5.3.1. 50 50 split with I.E.C

5.3.2. Participant run Buiness Stay with running Business Business provides employment

5.4. Possible Projects

5.5. Participant trains employees and returns to I.E.C. as available N.B. Paid position

5.5.1. International bulk buying. Dutch auction driven by high volume discounts returned to the customers

5.6. Crypto Smart Contract Insurance

5.7. Crypto Exchange with auto trading bot.. AI watches the people using the bot and develops trading skills

5.8. N.B. All participants under nondisclosure statements on file on Blockchain

6. Possible passive equity stake?? TBA

7. Cells and growth

7.1. Cells of nominal size I.E. 99 Individuals with varied appropriate skill sets

7.1.1. Cell develops robust income and divides Talent is moved to new cell startup. Aprox. Half