Enlightened Despots

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Enlightened Despots by Mind Map: Enlightened Despots

1. Frederick II

1.1. 1740

1.1.1. "Frederick the Great" King of Prussia Ruled to 1786

1.1.2. Supported Voltaire Allowed free press Allowed religious freedom

2. Catherine II

2.1. 1762

2.1.1. Praised Voltaire Implemented enlightenment ideals Allowed religious freedom Abolished torture

2.1.2. Catherine the Great Empress of Russia

3. Joseph II

3.1. 1741

3.1.1. Heir of Austria Son of Maria Theresa Very radical

3.1.2. Disagreed with reform But worked to follow through with Maria Theresa's plans

3.1.3. Ended Censorship Religious Freedom

4. Maria Theresa

4.1. 1745

4.1.1. Ruled to 1765 Successed by Joseph II

4.1.2. Holy Roman Empress Roman Catholic

4.1.3. Disagreed with son Joseph Supported most enlightenment ideals promulgated financial and educational reforms promoted commerce Improved military However, denied religious tolerance

5. Peter I

5.1. 1721

5.1.1. "Peter the Great" Emperor and Tsar of Russia

5.1.2. Turned Russia into a fierce European power

5.1.3. Supported Enlightenment Founded St Petersburg & Russian Navy Free Press Modernized Russian Language Introduced poll tax