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Enlightenment by Mind Map: Enlightenment

1. Ideas

1.1. Just society = social justice and hapiness

1.2. Ideas were thought up by: Voltaire, Diderot, Montesuieu, and more

1.3. Ideas were disguised in works of fiction to protect themselves

1.4. Ideas were spread at places like salons

1.5. At the salons, middle class people could meet with the nobility on equal grounds

2. Art and Literature

2.1. 17th and 18th centuries, the arts evolved

2.2. Paintings and architecture were now in the baroque style

2.3. These paintings were huge and colorful

2.4. Rococo was also a new style

2.5. Rococo was lighter and more elegant and charming than baroque. Moved away from religion

2.6. Classical music came about

2.7. Ballets and operas became popular

2.8. Composers such as Mozart rose to fame

3. Despots

3.1. People who believed in the ideas of the enlightenment

3.2. Joseph II was the most radical

3.3. These people shaped the culture into a more modern culture

3.4. Used reason to develop ideas

3.5. Believed in equality and social justice

3.6. 1800's brought about this peace

4. Changing Culture

4.1. Philosophes convinced ruling classes that reform was necessary

4.2. The acceptors of the new ideas are the enlightened despots

4.3. Frederick II was the first servant of the state

4.4. Frederick II praised the work of the philosophes

4.5. Frederick II tolerated religious variations

4.6. Catherine the Great of Russia praised Voltaire

4.7. These rulers didn't give up their power but allowed for the ideas of the enlightenment

4.8. Joseph II was a radical enlightened despot and supported religious equality