Enlightened Despots

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Enlightened Despots by Mind Map: Enlightened Despots

1. Frederick II (the Great) of Prussia

1.1. tried to work for common good

1.2. praised and accepted many enlightened thinkers, including Voltaire

1.3. ideas

1.3.1. reduce torture

1.3.2. free press

1.3.3. religious tolerance

2. Joseph II of Austria, Hapsburg

2.1. Maria Teresa's son

2.1.1. continued her work in reformation

2.2. traveled in disguise to learn normal people's everyday problems

2.3. religious equality

2.4. ended censorship

3. Signifigance

3.1. Absolute rulers who brought social and political change

3.2. inspired by Enlightened Thinkers

3.2.1. used their ideas to improve the state

4. Maria Teresa

4.1. considered to be an enlightened despot by some

4.2. worked to improve the lives of the lower class

4.3. started modernizing the government

5. Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia

5.1. studied the work of the philisophes

5.2. praised Voltaire and Diderot by exchanging letters

5.3. abolished torture

5.4. religious tolerance in Russia