Enlightenment Ideas Spread

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Enlightenment Ideas Spread by Mind Map: Enlightenment Ideas Spread

1. New socital ideas

1.1. Diderot Encyclopedia

1.2. printers could print mass pampltes

1.3. change from middle ages

1.4. divine right did not change

1.5. new ideas on social justice rights formed

1.6. writers still under attack

1.6.1. some governments followed old order still

1.6.2. to avoid this idea were passed of as fictional work

1.7. ideas spread in salon

1.7.1. salon gathering of arts literature and philosphy

1.7.2. women began participating too

2. Arts literurature, and new ideas

2.1. Louis XIV enjoyed art from barquoe period

2.2. new Rococo style was developed

2.3. New composers

2.3.1. New ideas in classical music

2.3.2. Bach German composer wrote during this time

2.3.3. Handel wrote 30 operas

2.3.4. Mozart contributed to during this time

2.4. The novel is created

2.4.1. New for of book and genre is created

3. Despots Embrace ideas

3.1. some rulers learn from philosphers to start change

3.2. Fredrick the II begins change

3.2.1. study volitares work

3.2.2. simplifies laws

3.3. Catherine the great studies

3.3.1. Volitare in Diderot

3.3.2. 1762 tried implementing laws and government

3.4. Joseph II

3.4.1. continued reform of equity for any religious background

4. Majority changes

4.1. more people began exposing ideas