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Enlightenment by Mind Map: Enlightenment

1. Enlightenment ideals and beliefs spread due to everyone reading not only diderot's encyclopedia but also pamphlets that printers and others were publishing.

1.1. due to opposing government and religious views both government and religious peoples felt the need of censorship to maintain order and the old ways. they did things like burn enlightenment texts and imprisoned writers.

2. Stylistic changes to art and literature was major during the 1600s and 1700s aka the enlightenment period

2.1. New types of music, ballets, and operas happened and this new style went by the name of "Rocco" style

3. Many famous people during the Enlightenment period conformed, and adapted to the period by reforming

3.1. People like Fredrick the Great, Catherine the Great, and Joseph II loved these new philosophies especially those writings and letters of Voltaire and believed in ideals of social equality by abolishing things such as torture.

4. Even though these ideals and period were so important and influential, enlightenment ideals and beliefs didn't "seep" into villages and peasants lives until the late 1700s