Intolerable Acts

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Intolerable Acts by Mind Map: Intolerable Acts

1. 1. The Boston Tea Party caused the Intolerable Acts to start

2. 2. Soldiers (Red coats), Britain law makers, and merchants were the important people

3. 3. The Intolerable Acts were put into order to punish the colonists for the Boston Tea Party

4. 4. This affected the colonists because they had to take care of the red coats and had curfews, and it shut down trade through the Boston Harbor

5. 5. The Intolerable acts happened right after the Boston Tea Party (1774)

6. 6. The Intolerable Acts got it's name from the colonists being intolerable to Britain

7. 7. Nothing was gained from the Intolerable Acts, but the colonists had to serve red coats, and obey more laws/acts

8. 8. The aftermath was that the colonists had to serve the British and obey their wishes and laws that were more strict than before.