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Kidspiration by Mind Map: Kidspiration

1. Learning Goals

1.1. Develop

1.1.1. Visual Math Concepts

1.1.2. Literacy Symbols

1.1.3. Vocabulary

1.1.4. Reading comprehension

1.1.5. Writing skills

1.2. Create

1.2.1. Presentations

1.2.2. Visual representations of ideas

1.2.3. Outlines for their writing

1.3. Investigate

1.3.1. Cross-curricular quizzes Math Reading/writing Science Social Studies

2. Learning Activities

2.1. Individual work

2.1.1. Practice with cross-curricular assessments

2.1.2. Develop skills by using different math tools

2.1.3. Use Kidspiration word guide to improve vocabulary skills

2.1.4. Use picture view to create maps, diagrams and webs

2.2. Group/Partner work

2.2.1. Create collaborative diagrams

2.2.2. Discuss main ideas

2.2.3. Discuss how to make their Kidspiration work unique

2.3. Class Discussion

2.3.1. Group/Partner presentations to class.

2.3.2. Class discussion about themes and use of technology within presentations

2.3.3. Whiteboard support allows all students to access a virtual workspace

3. Teacher Roles

3.1. Planner

3.1.1. Target area of curriculum

3.1.2. Design lessons around students levels of understanding

3.2. Developer

3.2.1. Specific lesson plan for learning unit

3.2.2. Create learning objectives

3.3. Manager

3.3.1. Outline specific tasks

3.3.2. Create measureable goals

3.3.3. Limit the number of symbol libraries available to get rid of distractors for the students

3.3.4. Put locks on various functions to prevent students from changing lesson plans

3.4. Guide/Assistant

3.4.1. During learning proccess

3.4.2. During creation/ quiz process

3.5. Assessor

3.5.1. During presentation process

3.5.2. During cross-curricular quizzes

3.5.3. In the review of student work submissions

4. Learning Assessment

4.1. Formative

4.1.1. In writing view, students can easily build outlines for their stories.

4.1.2. Math view allows student to demonstrate their understanding through completing various math tasks.

4.1.3. Using Kidspiration acts as an assessment tool by allowing teachers to monitor student development over time.

4.2. Summative

4.2.1. Quizzes and presentations can be used to demonstrate to their teachers what the students have learned.