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CE Talk by Mind Map: CE Talk

1. CE

1.1. History

1.1.1. 2009- Geoffrey

1.1.2. Singapore

1.1.3. Non-profit donations

1.2. In-country

1.2.1. CCRFC/ KSFS outreach to local organisations

1.2.2. Workshop leaders Economist Facebook

1.3. Singapore

1.3.1. mini-MBA programme

2. NK Society

2.1. Famines

2.1.1. Donju

2.1.2. Breakdown of social contract

2.1.3. PDS ceased

2.2. Divisions

2.2.1. PY/ Country

2.2.2. Songbun Hostile/ loyal/ neutral

2.2.3. Loyalty 20/60/20?

2.3. Changes under KJU

2.3.1. Conservative standards

2.3.2. Construction Vanity projects? PY focus

2.3.3. Increased awareness Rags USBs vs CDs vs nothing

2.4. Currency

2.4.1. Hard/ soft

2.5. Confucianism

2.5.1. Comparisons are with modern SK

2.6. Our media

2.6.1. Sensationalism Golf Jang Song Thaek 2013 dogs Black box Trivialise Lack of analysis At the risk of being poe-faced, this doesn't help the people there

2.7. Nuclear

2.7.1. Negotiating- realpolitik

2.7.2. Belief that military costs can be reduced

2.7.3. Need for electricity

2.8. Pyramid

2.8.1. Perfect scheme Alignment- personal gain with solidification of state

2.8.2. Informants Inminban

3. Typical format in-country

3.1. Business visas (not tourist)

3.1.1. Access Restaurants Walk freely Talk with locals PY hotel Bugging

3.2. Format

3.2.1. 3-4 days workshops, translated

3.2.2. Business/ factory/ sightseeing

3.3. Women in Business 2016

3.3.1. 51 participants 30-50 yrs old Awareness Brexit

3.3.2. 6 workshop leaders plus me and Nils

3.3.3. Business Model Canvas Ideas- solar car, B2B, sports clothing

4. Ethics

4.1. Propping up a regime

4.1.1. Absolutist view

4.1.2. Kickstarter

4.2. A different god

4.2.1. China

4.2.2. Royals

4.3. Growing middle class- needed on side

4.3.1. Interested in their own families

4.3.2. Will tolerate regime

4.3.3. Aware of outside world

4.4. Sanctions

4.4.1. I believe- don't work Cognac, luxury goods Hit the wrong people Only work if China adheres

4.4.2. Action bias- seen to be doing something

4.5. Do Nothing

4.5.1. Neglecting responsibility

4.5.2. That is what most of the world is doing- it isn't working

4.5.3. Wait for revolution- lazy

4.6. Morality

4.6.1. People will ask- what did you do

4.6.2. Evil flourishes

4.6.3. Engagement is not the same as apologism I see a difference

4.6.4. Effectiveness argument- not the same as ethical argument

5. Intro

5.1. Me

5.1.1. First into DPRK- 2008

5.1.2. Product/ Project Management

5.1.3. Jet lag- Korea yesterday

5.1.4. Not an IR expert- you are, welcome q's- even if you think we are doing the wrong thing

5.1.5. Not going to regurgitate NK watcher texts

5.2. Objective first- first hand info from my visits there, facts of what CE does

5.3. Subjective second

5.3.1. Please don't tweet/ accredit- Koreans do read, relationships are sensitive

5.3.2. Don't hold back with Q's.

6. US

6.1. Bogeyman- along with Japan

6.2. Trump

6.2.1. Unknown

6.2.2. NK reached out this week Game theory? Assume his lack of knowledge

6.2.3. Isolationist? would mean SK withdrawal/ nuclear Looks like he won't