My first reactions and initial ideas of the brief project; Taylor's Daydream

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My first reactions and initial ideas of the brief project; Taylor's Daydream by Mind Map: My first reactions and initial ideas of the brief project; Taylor's Daydream

1. Daydream

1.1. The first vision that came to me when I got given the brief was the main character Taylor thinking whilst looking in the air to where I will edit in another clip that looks like a cloud so it shows his thoughts and what he is imagining about. The cloud shaped image will have 3 bubbles coming from it towards Taylor's head, as if that is his dream in the clouds.

1.2. The camera will slowly get closer and closer to Taylor. When editing I will make 3 cuts when moving towards Taylor's head as it gives a dramatic pause to the scene. On the last cut the scene will have a vintage dark look to it, I will create this by messing around with the contrast and saturation. The next scene will be of what Taylor is thinking, the audience will feel as if they are inside Taylor's head and seeing what he is feeling while Daydreaming.

2. Problems

2.1. When Taylor is teleported onto a field, he sees to scary women in the distance nearby the wooded area. He is automatically freaked out and begins to hurry back to school for safety. When editing I will gave this a dark scary feel by having creepy emo music as the background with maybe a creepy piano while having dark shadows and delayed clips to add tension to the scene. He then realise that the two girls teleport from one location to another eg from the left to the right, they are wearing plain clothing whilst looking creepily at Taylor.

2.2. When Taylor finally arrives to his classroom he encounters another problem. Everyone is completely still, at first he thought it was a joke until none of his class mates or tutor was responding. He sits at his desk while panting with freight until the lights suddenly turn off, the music gets stronger then quieter as they come back on. The tutor and class moves closer to him but again are still like statues, Taylor freaks out and moves to the back of the classroom away from his frozen class mates. The lights flash on and off very quickly as the people move, the camera shows lots of flashing scenes and red saturated facial expressions to look more like a thriller.

3. Ideas

3.1. The Daydream will be like a nightmare until Taylor realises that the realistic dream was an illusion. He will move suddenly as he is being slapped then in slow motion when his head moves from the slap, the colour of the image and blurriness comes even then the sound is no longer murmured, it becomes normal as Taylor wakes up into reality.

3.2. lots of jump cuts to build up tension on certain parts such as when the class mates become scary mannequins. The colour correction will also change to fit the scenes. The audio will go from the left ear to the right for the audience to feel as if they are in vertual reality

3.3. The Daydream starts off with Taylor being very bored in class. He lays his head on the desk for some rest and does not realise he begins to Daydream instead of doing his work.

4. Action Points

4.1. Two scary girls teleporting, chase scene

4.2. Taylor falls into the trance of the Daydream

4.3. Taylor is stuck within his classroom with his class mates who have become mannequins.