First Marking Period Grade: 93

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First Marking Period Grade: 93 by Mind Map: First Marking Period Grade: 93

1. Academic Goal

1.1. To get a 95 or above

1.1.1. Hand ALL my work in on time.

1.1.2. Participate whenever asked to.

1.1.3. Be open minded about the members in future group.

2. Why I Got This Grade?

2.1. My Work Ethic

2.1.1. All work I did was with my best effort.

2.1.2. Most of the work was done on time.

2.2. Presentation

2.2.1. Since this was the first time I ever presented in front of everyone, I suppose I did well, but I can learn more, do better.

3. What Are The Humanities Teachers Doing Well?

3.1. Mr. Mo & Mr. Chap

3.1.1. Giving us enough work to be able to complete, and not feel too stressed about it.

3.1.2. You guys still teach us, but you make it fun while doing it. Can't wait for many more lessons.

4. What I'd Like To Learn

4.1. Vocabulary

4.1.1. I'd like to expand my mind on better vocabulary words.

4.2. Presenting

4.2.1. I'd like to have my skills in presenting better than ever before.

4.2.2. More confidence.

4.2.3. Louder & clearer voice when speaking to everyone in room.

5. My Topic

5.1. My Topic? LGBT+ Rights.


5.1.2. I feel as though this lifted my grade from what it was, this topic is very personal and I was happy to be able to share my opinion on it.

5.2. President & President Elect's Opinion On LGBT+ people/rights.

5.2.1. Obama's Viewpoint On LGBT+ Rights

5.2.2. Trump's Viewpoint On LGBT+ Rights

6. Personal Goal

6.1. Be More Happy, Less Stressed Out

6.1.1. Get rid of all the negative people and energy in my life.

6.1.2. When stressed, think about simple ways to calm self down, or remove yourself from the issue.

6.2. Be more skilled at the violin.

6.2.1. Put more time aside to practice.

6.2.2. Look for people willing to do private lessons.