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Willy Jak's by Mind Map: Willy Jak's

1. Imaging and Branding

1.1. Logos, Images, Personalities, etc...

2. Immediate steps of action on your mission ... should you choose to accept it ...

2.1. With the Week

2.1.1. Set up employee photo shoot

2.1.2. Brainstorming with calendars Discuss expectations and desired image of campaigns

2.1.3. Agree to share passwords to allow my access to FB, Blogger set up, etc. Update sites, create cross links, widgets, auto-posts, etc.

2.1.4. Look at financials and set goals Set up employee reward system Set up employee reprimand system primarily regarding customer service requirements

2.1.5. employee memo

2.2. Within the Month

2.2.1. Hang goal charts in "employee area"

2.2.2. employee memo

2.2.3. Hang goal charts in "employee area"

2.3. Within the Quarter

2.4. Within the Year

2.5. At this time next year...

3. Public Relations, Damage Control and Clean-up

3.1. Show reviews from WJ folder

3.1.1. Explain Hardee's Campaign - the last place you used to go for a burger is becoming the first (check for accuracy of text) Brainstorm possibilities of playing up the grumpy grill guys. i.e. Mel's Diner

3.2. Back in the day ... the initial vision.

3.2.1. I remember this because I worked here when Fast Eddie's opened. (for Robert, Charlie and Mike.. Feb of '93?) I then worked for Robert at Lakee for a bit over a year. the draft beer was to be the coldest around at 32 degrees (I think it was, I don't drink beer) Is the draft beer still 32 degrees?

3.3. Employee Enjoyment, Morale, Teamwork, Etc.

4. Advertising

4.1. Paid Advertising

4.1.1. Questions:: What paid advertising do you do? i.e. Metropolis Planet, Radio, etc... How do you calculate your ad budget? What is your ad budget?

4.2. Social Networking and Promotions

4.2.1. Social Networking Necessary Evils Facebook MySpace Twitter YouTube Widgets Blogger Hootsuite Helpful LinkedIn Tumblr Flickr the list goes on and on and on and on and on ....

4.2.2. Promotions Local Events and Seasonal Promotions By Quarter/Month Events